Kz2 alphasquad

From left to right: Dante Garza, Rico Velasquez, Thomas Sevchenko, Shawn Natko.

Alpha Squad was an ISA elite special forces squad that participated in Operation Archangel during the Second Extrasolar War. The team consists of Sergeant First Class Tomas Sevchenko, Lance Corporal Dante Garza , Master Sergeant Rico Velasquez, and Corporal Shawn Natko


Following the attempted Helghast invasion of Vekta, ISA Colonel Jan Templar was given the task of rebuilding the ISA Special Forces. Drawing upon his experience against the Helghast, Templar created an organization of small squads of four to five people. Due to the small size of the units and the nature of their deployment, they were picked for their aggression, initiative, and resourcefulness. Every single team member needed combat experience. Templar handpicked each of his eight team leaders, and the team leaders then worked with the colonel to fill the slots in their individual teams.

During Operation Archangel, Alpha Squad participated in the assault on Pyrrhus until being pushed back by Helghast arc towers. Dante Garza managed to recover a piece of a destroyed tower and sends it to ISA researcher Evelyn Batton, who identified their power source Petrusite. Templar dispatched Alpha Squad to escort Batton to find the source of the weapons. Eventually, Alpha Squad discovered Helghan's Petrusite distribution grid and attempted to destroy it which would disable the arc network and allowing ISA forces to continue into Pyrrhus. However, Alpha Squad failed in their mission after coming into conflict with Colonel Mael Radec's forces in which Garza was killed.

Alpha Squad returned to the New Sun, where they came under attack by Radec's elite Helghast battalion. The squad defend the ship until being forced to evacuate and witnessed the New Sun crashing into the Petrusite grid. Alpha Squad later regrouped with ISA forces under Captain Jason Narville and prepare to assault Visari Palace. However, the ISA ground forces were nearly completely wiped out by the detonation of the Red Dust nuclear warheads on the city. The explosion was far away enough that Alpha Squad survives. Alpha Squad engaged in a grueling fight to the palace where they fought Colonel Radec, whom they manage to severely wound, causing his suicide. Velasquez and Sevchenko confronted Emperor Scolar Visari and prepared to arrest him. But Velasquez killed Visari and consequently ruining the ISA's chances of ending the war. Shortly thereafter, the ISA were routed by Helghast reinforcements and the remnants of Alpha Squad along with Narville's men were left stranded on Helghan.


  • Alpha Squad bears a resemblance to a fictional military group famously called "The A-Team." The group similarly consists of 3 light-skinned and 1 dark-skinned characters and is often sent on so-called "suicide missions". They also share some similar personalities to the characters in the A-Team.