"Dual function drone can operate as an escort or be fired in direction of facing. Discharges incapacitating, ARC electricity at targets within range."
— Description
Arc Missile
Blackjack Arc Missile
Killzone: Mercenary
Type Drone
Manufacturer -
Location BlackjackArmories
Alt/Zoom -
Power High
Rate of fire Mid
Accuracy High
Range High

The Arc Missile is is one of the new "VAN-Guards" that debut in Killzone: Mercenary.


The Arc Missile is a dual function drone. It can be commanded to fire in the direction you are facing, in which it goes forward and incapacitates and kills any enemies nearby while it is going forward until shot down, hits an obstacle, or runs out of power. The more electricity the Arc Missile discharges, the more power it loses.


Considering it's escort capabilities, the Arc Missile functions best a defense drone. You should stay close to it and let it do it's work.



  • When used, if it has already injured another person and kills someone else, the injured person will die immediately, making it difficult to use to perform interrogations on officers.
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