Mobile Arc Tower

A Mobile Arc Tower exposing its cells.

Arc Towers and Arc Batteries are plasma-based weapons built by the Helghast on Helghan. The weapons are powered by Petrusite, a element which is found only on Helghan. The Arc weapons draws their power from the Petrusite grid beneath Pyrrhus. Once the electrical current has been charged inside the Arc Tower, it opens up its 'skin' to reveal electrical rods that conducts lightning. When firing, it releases large arcs of electrical currents, and anything that comes in contact with the arc is destroyed.

Usage in the Second Extrasolar War Edit

Ark Battery

The Visari Palace Arc Battery destroys an ISA Cruiser.

During the time of rapid industrialization that followed the accession of Autarch Scolar Visari in the early 2350's, many new mines and refineries were opened. A series of devastating explosions during desert mining operations led to the discovery of Petrusite, a previously unknown element with huge electrical potential. Professor Torr Savic, a leading researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology, was the first to identify the element and develop a controlled means of using it to generate power. From there, Arc technology was used for civil and industrial applications, primarily increased automation and the provision of cheap energy to the masses.[1]

Following the failed Helghast invasion of Vekta in 2357 and expecting ISA retaliation, Visari saw Arc technology to be vital to the very survival of the Helghast nation and he ordered that all research be directed to military applications. Stahl Arms began developing a fixed Arc Cannon with massive firepower and extra-orbital range.[1]

During the ISA counter-invasion of Helghan in Operation Archangel, the ISA Navy took heavy losses from Arc Cannons and were pinned in orbit until ISA-sponsored mercenaries disabled the Arc Cannon system. However, not all Arc weapons were disabled by ISA forces as Colonel Mael Radec had hidden towers within Pyrrhus and deployed them on the surprised invaders, preventing them from further encroaching on Visari Palace. The Arc network was later shut down when the ISA Cruiser New Sun crashed into the Petrusite distribution grid.

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