Armor is a piece of wearable gear that increases the protection of the user, as well as providing any other sort of gameplay benefits. Armor as a gameplay mechanic made its debut in Killzone: Mercenary.

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

In Killzone: Mercenary, there are six different types of armor available to purchase at Blackjack Armories.

Name Notes
Combat Armor Standard armor that provides solid protection in all areas.
Mercenary Armor Specialized armor that multiplies payment for kills by 1.2.
Blast Armor Provides protection from explosives, burns, and reduces effect of flash and gas grenades.
Ballistic Armor Provides a massive amount of protection from enemy fire above all else.
Infiltration Armor Light armor that provides low noise and high mobility. Ideal for stealth scenarios.
Supply Armor Offers increased ammo capacity and a recharge for VAN-Guard systems.
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