Assault Soldier
Ps2 helghast assaultsoldier
Weapons StA-3 Light Machine Gun, Pnv-3 Siska Squad Cannon, M327 Grenade Launcher, BLR-06 Hadra MRL, StA-52 Assault Rifle
Race Helghast
Affiliation HGH mini
Assault Soldiers are heavily armored members of the Helghast Third Army taking part in the invasion of Vekta during the Killzone campaign.


Assault Soldiers first begin to appear in Mission 6: Misty Waters. Usually, a single Assault Soldier will be supporting a squad of Helghast Troopers or Elite Soldiers with heavy weapons fire. They are quite rare for most of the campaign, with only a handful appearing throughout Mission 6 to Mission 9. They become more common in the game's last two missions, where the majority of them are encountered. Overall, a total of roughly 35 Assault Soldiers appear throughout the entire campaign, although this varies slightly depending on which character you play as.

Assault Soldiers are even tougher than Elite Soldiers, wearing heavy black/dark-grey armor along with a smooth helmet with an opaque visor. They can withstand roughly 15-20 rounds from the M82 Assault Rifle, and can even survive a direct hit from the BP-02 Pup Grenade Launcher, M327 Grenade Launcher, or Pnv-3 Siska Squad Cannon.

Assault Soldiers wear heavy helmets that allow them to resist headshots; it takes about 4 headshots from the secondary fire of the M66-SD Submachine Gun to kill one, while other enemies with comparative health (namely General Lente's Helghast Bodyguards) die after only 2 headshots from that weapon.

They are typically equipped with heavy weapons, often carrying StA-3 Light Machine Guns, Pnv-3 Siska Squad Cannons, M327 Grenade Launchers, or BLR-06 Hadra MRLs. They are also occasionally equipped with the StA-52 Assault Rifle instead, usually in close quarters such as aboard the orbital SD platform. Their tendency to wield heavy explosive weaponry, combined with their heavy armor, can make them a significant threat.