Base Commander Killzone HD

Base Commanders are among the most senior officers of the Helghast Third Army during the invasion of Vekta. Base Commanders, as the name implies, command bases and are rarely seen in personal combat, or at least without several dozen bodyguards and as many troops as they can muster from their bases in front, behind, to the side, and possibly covering them from above. The base commanders, like most of the officers in the Helghast military, are recruited from the higher echelons of Helghast society, and thus are evolved to the point  that they don't require rebreathers and goggles used by the majority of Helghast soldiers. Most commanders are armed only with a sidearm. These officers talents lie with command and thus see the troops who must perform the, menial, task of fighting, that they command as little more than cannon fodder.


Base Commanders are easily recognized, as they are the only Helghast soldiers not to wear any form of headwear. They wear an armored collar/shoulder-piece worn over a black longcoat. Like Specialists, Base Commanders have better quality armor than the regular Helghast infantry, and can survive about a dozen rounds from the M82 Assault Rifle before dying, compared to the regular infantry who can be killed with just 3 or 4 rounds.

Base Commanders first appear in Mission 8: "Foraging a Path", with one Commander appearing at each of the 3 forward bases in the mission's first level, and a group of 3 Commanders in the command bunker at the end of the mission. Like many enemies in Mission 8, the 3 forward base Commanders with be equipped with the BP-02 Pup Grenade Launcher pistol, while the 3 Commanders in the command bunker are equipped with StA-52 Assault Rifles. Commanders encountered in later missions (Mission 9: Hidden Pasts through Mission 11: Hope) carry IvP-18 Tropov Machine Pistols. In total there are only 10 Base Commanders in the Killzone campaign.

Commanders equipped with the grenade pistol can be very dangerous and should be a priority target. Commanders equipped with the regular pistol or assault rifle are less of a threat, and other than being to survive somewhat more damage aren't significantly more dangerous than standard Helghast soldiers.


  • They appear to have the same, or at least very similar, head model as Hakha's in Killzone 1.