Beach Head is a multiplayer map in the Killzone Series.


A massive multiplayer map in the game Killzone. It basically featured a large base at one end, complete with two sniper towers and two gaping holes in the wall. This was in most cases a major point of conflict because of the many spawning areas situated within its walls.

On the other end of the map was a one roomed outpost and a separate sniper tower, both situated on the water front. The vast (By old gen standards) map in between was an elongated beach, complete with a few trenches, hills, sandbags and even a few buildings that had been bombed down to the size of waist-high rubble. This beach was surrounded by an un-scalable cliff. The prevailing weapons on the map are (in most cases) the M327 Grenade Launcher and the BP-02 Pup Grenade Launcher simply because the long expanse between bases offered a lot of room to open fire across

Killzone 2Edit

A version of this map was featured in Killzone 2 as part of the Flash and Thunder pack.

In the Killzone 2 version, the map takes place in a city. There is a large bridge cutting through the map but the central section is destroyed. The platforms the factions started on were altered.

Several man-made structures are placed across the map, along with buildings with Helghast banners on top of the impassable cliff. It takes place at night time with heavy wind and rain battering the beach front.