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The Black Hand is a Helghast terrorist organization established in the post-Second Extrasolar War era. Primarily located in New Helghan, their goal is the destruction of the Vektans in revenge for causing the Terracide that devastated Helghan. They were led by Vladko Tyran.


Originally founded by Kris Howl and his adopted son Vladko Tyran, the Black Hand are a Helghast sub-faction consisting of radicals, fanatics, and former military troops who greatly despise the Vektans for destroying Helghan in the Terracide and causing untold amounts of death and destruction on their people. Their goals are to unsettle the Vektan populace with random attacks.[1] They are also at odds with the New Helghan government, who sought peace with their former foes rather than taking revenge on the Vektans. 

The Black Hand possess old surplus weapons left from the Second Extrasolar War and other older, lower-tech equipment such as cloaking projectors, which allowed them to hidden their combat gear and even disguise themselves as VSA Security Troopers to blend in enemy territory.[1] The group has a large amount of influence in the slums of New Helghan, such as in Containment City. The Black Hand are secretly aided by rogue elements in the New Helghan government and being in league with Jorhan Stahl.


The Black Hand were banned by the New Helghan government for their extremist views in 2388.[2]

In June 29, 2390, the Black Hand led by Vladko Tyran conducted a brazen attack on Vekta City, bombing VSA Headquarters and weaponizing hijacked trains as makeshift missiles in a bid to bomb the central hub, which are repelled by the VSA. The Black Hand's terrorism consequently caused all Helghast citizens and half-breeds residing on the Vektan side to be deported to New Helghan. The New Helghan government denied of involvement in the Black Hand's attacks and publicly condemned the terrorists; however, the Vektan government stationed ISA cruisers along The Wall and heightening tensions between the two nations.

The VSA dispatched Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan to locate Tyran in Containment City, where the Black Hand's ties to Jorhan Stahl were discovered. Tyran fled to Helghan and faked his death.

After Tyran truly died at the hands of Echo, the Black Hand was rumored to be suffering from infighting amongst its members. However, the loss of their leader did not diminished the Black Hand's terrorist activities. The VSA believed the Black Hand's sudden rise in terrorist attacks are being supported by the New Helghan military.[3]


The Black Hand comprise of the most extreme portion of Helghast society, and represent the full hatred that many of their compatriots have for humans, and seek revenge against the Vektans, whom they held them responsible for all of the Helghast's sufferings, the destruction of Helghan and their empire from the Terracide, and forcing them to live in terrible conditions.

The Black Hand will go to any lengths to start a new war, even killing Helghast civilians. They dislike Chancellor Hera Visari and her administration for their attempts to bring peace between New Helghan and Vekta.


Name Affiliation Origin Era Notes
Black Hand Operative Black Hand Vekta Vektan Cold War The Operative is the most numerous among the Black Hand. They are typically armed with the StA409 Keyzer and commit terrorist bombings, take hostages, and random attacks against civilians.
Black Hand Heavy Black Hand Vekta Vektan Cold War The Heavy is seen less often than the operative, they are deployed alongside the operative and more armored, hence the name.

Known Members[]

Known Attacks[]

  • Attack on VSA Headquarters and bombing of Vekta City's Eden District. (June 29, 2390)[4]
  • Attack on Templar Park, leaving 89 people dead and more than a thousand people injured.[3]
  • Bombing of a crowded New Helghan market place, killing 6 Helghast civilians.[2]



  • The Black Hand is named after the real life, historical Serbian organization of the same name, which sought for Serbian independence from Austria-Hungary and were allegedly involved in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, precipitating the outbreak of World War I.
  • The Black Hand is also another reference to Nazi Germany's plan Werwolf in which a proposed Nazi resistance movement was to oppose the Allies during and after the Second World War.
  • The Black Hand Operative are the insurgent class for the Helghast in Killzone: Shadowfall's multiplayer.