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Helghast Bodyguard

Bodyguard from Killzone

The Helghast Bodyguard is comprised of the most loyal and dedicated men in the Helghast Third Army during the invasion of Vekta. The Helghast Bodyguard will defend only the most important positions and senior officers. They are even more dangerous than the Elite Soldiers. Heavily armed and armored, Bodyguards invariably fight to the death to defend their objective. Their appearance and role changes between Lente's and Metrac's rule.


In Killzone, Bodyguards are dressed in a unique slick, curved shiny black helmet with 2 red glows coming from behind to show their eyes. Sometimes they will have their helmet raised to reveal that they are wearing orange goggles under the helmet much like an Elite. They wear a long black trench coat and heavy armor that outclasses even that of the Elite Soldiers and Assault Soldiers.

Bodyguards are the most heavily armored Helghast in the Killzone campaign, able to withstand roughly 20 rounds of M82 Assault Rifle fire before falling, and even being capable of surviving a direct hit from explosive weaponry. They are typically equipped with StA-3 Light Machine Guns, although some of the Bodyguards on the SD platform guarding General Adams are equipped with StA-52 Assault Rifles instead.

Bodyguards are exclusively found protecting high ranking Officers, namely General Lente at the end of Mission 9 and General Adams at the end of Mission 11. There are a total of 20 Bodyguards in the entire campaign; 6 Bodyguards protecting General Lente, and 14 Bodyguards protecting General Adams.

Killzone: LiberationEdit

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Bodyguard from Killzone: Liberation

In Killzone: Liberation, Bodyguards look more like riot control officers, with very thick armour and a baton and shield combo. Their slow size and bulky appearance is backed up by 133 health points, the highest HP for a non-boss enemy in the game. They are very tough to kill as their shields will protect against all frontal assaults.

Instead of protecting high ranking Officers, they are placed around Metrac's base to defend important areas such as the entrance and prison block.