A list of characters from the Killzone series is as follows:

Interplanetary Strategic Alliance

  • Captain/Colonel Jan Templar - A Special Forces Captain in the ISA when the Helghast invade the planet Vekta. The first Killzone game focused on him and his squad.
  • Sergeant Rico Velasquez - A soldier born in the slums of Vekta City, Rico is a crazed-yet-capable heavy weapons man to Jan Templar's motley crew.
  • Evelyn Batton was a scientist and part of the crew General Stratson assigned to develop the nuclear weapons to bomb Vekta to rid Vekta of the Helghast menace.
  • Sergeant Sergeant Thomas "Sev" Sevchenko - Sgt. Tomas Sevchenko is the main protagonist in Killzone 2 and 3. Sev strongly believes it is his patriotic duty to defend his Vektan homeland from Helghast aggression. He is a natural born leader and displays a responsible, by-the-book approach to his duties. Sev was drafted into Alpha Squad when his service record attracted the attention of Commander Templar, who sees something of himself in the promising young soldier.
  • Captain Narville is the man who led the strike on Visari Square, and conquered it. He is a driven man who really wants to see Visari captured, as he is seen shouting against ISA troopers for being lazy when they are nearing Visari's stronghold.
  • Colonel Gregor Hakha - a Half-Helghast, half-human spy, who was a mole in the Helghan Army for the ISA.
  • Luger - a stealthy Shadow Marshal who is quick and ruthless on the battlefield.
  • General Bradley Vaughton - A General of the Vektan army who sends Templar and Luger on a mission to save Hakha.
  • Pvt/Cpl. Billinghurst - first appears in Killzone 1 to help guide Cpt/Col. Templar through a burning section of a bombed out ISA HQ. In Killzone 2, he appears on the ISA Cruiser New Sun while it is being attacked by Helghast Leech Pods. Sgt. Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko becomes trapped with Pvt/Cpl. Billinghurst in a security airlock, which leads to the cruiser's AA-guns. Because the security camera system on the New Sun is down, the frightened crew refuses to let anyone pass through the airlock without matching their identity against the Cruiser's personnel database. After Corporal Billinghurst provides his name, rank and serial number, the crew promptly opens the doors so that Sev can proceed to the AA-guns.
  • Hooper - Is an ISA engineer in Killzone 3. Hooper is seen many times throughout the game, most notably as the engineer that is deactivating the Stahl Weapon used on the ISA in the mission "The Recovery". Hooper does not speak until the end of the game. He is one of the survivors that is with Alpha Squad at the end of the game.
  • Kowalski - An ISA recon scout in Killzone 3. He tutors Sev on how to kill enemies silently and effectively in the Kanzan Jungle.

Helghast Empire

  • Scolar Visari - The Emperor of the Helghan race, Visari has used years of economic struggle, propaganda, and strategic executions to make the people of Helghan his unquestioning pawns in his suspected goal of galactic domination.
  • General Joseph Lente - Commander-in-Chief of the Helghast Third Army. Completely devoted to Visari's anti-human beliefs, he was determined to lead the Helghst army in the right direction. He was shot by Hakha after telling him that he had Hakha's younger brother executed.
  • General Armin Metrac - Personally entrusted by Visari to conquer Southern Vekta, Metrac is a sadistic and cruel leader. He is the only known Helghast to not require a breathing mask on Vekta.
  • Admiral Orlock - The military commander of the Helghast. He competes against Jorhan Stahl for the leadership of the Helgast
  • Colonel Cobar - The High Commander of the Helghast Colonial Guard and friend of Metrac, he is known as 'White Death' by his own kind.
  • Colonel Radec - The leader of the Helghast forces on Helghan. He was said to have killed two of his soldiers for "uniform violations". He is the founder of Radec Academy.
  • Jorhan Stahl - The CEO of Stahl Arms. He, along with Admiral Orlock, compete for the throne of Helghan.

ISA Traitors

  • General Stuart Adams - The main reason the helghast landed on Vekta so easily, he betrayed the ISA and used Vaughtons computer to disable the SD platform from attacking the helghast.
  • General Dwight Stratson - He led the forces of Southern Vekta, and was secretely in league with Metrac and Adams. He proposed the use of nuclear weapons against the Helghast, and later stole them and gave them to the Helghast.

Helghast on Vekta (Killzone Shadow Fall) Edit

-Hera Visari - Hera was Visari's daughter seen in Killzone 3. She hates the fact that her daughter, Maya, is a half-breed assassin.

-Anton Saric - Cruel and sadistic, Saric is responsible for much of he trouble during Killzone Shadow Fall. He worked for Hera.

-Maya "Echo" Visari - Echo Visari is Hera's daughter and a gifted Assassin. She works with the VSA to stop a terrorist plot on Vekta.