Killzone 2, Killzone: Shadow Fall
Weapons LS13 Shotgun, VC30 Sickle, Vns12A Purger
Race Helghast
Affiliation HGH mini
With four eyes the Commando is a seriously tough soldier that can breach doors and even break through walls. Though slightly slower and a lot more armored than the Shock Trooper, the Commando uses a similar tactic of closing the distance quickly and unloading his shotgun when in close range. To avoid having to reload, one of their tactics is moving quickly to close combat range before they run out of bullets.


Killzone 2Edit

By the power of their weapon it can not shoot far, that's why they will always push forward and come to you. However, he is a bit slower than the Shock Trooper. His weapon is the LS13 Shotgun, which can kill you in one shot at close range, but is fairly ineffective at a distance. Further, the shotgun has a very slow Round Reload time, and an even slower Clip Reload Time. While the safest method of dispatching a Commando is from a distance, the slow rate of fire of the LS13 does offer a window of opportunity for getting close.

When facing a Commando, always try to take him out from afar, but should you end up close to one, stay evasive and move quickly to the right or left of him. If you're fast, he'll commit to a straight ahead shot as you're moving off to the side causing his fire to miss. Once he has fired the LS13 shotgun, he'll be taxed with a very slow round reload; due to this disadvantage, you should, if presented with the opportunity, rush him and take him out.

Outside 6 meters distance, the LS13 loses power. At 7 meters or more, equip a weapon that does full damage at a range greater than 7 meters or more, and then stay on the move as you use burst fire to take him down. The best method is to simply back away from him as he comes at you. This allows you to maintain a constant distance which ensures relative safety due to the lower power of the shotgun blast at range while also allowing you to deal rapid and full power damage in return.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

The commando operates in two ways in Shadow Fall. The first way is that they are armed with a shield and a VC30 Sickle, and they slowly advance towards you while firing. You should either find any small exposed bits of his body and fire, or get behind them and fire on their exposed backside. The second way is the chain gun.

For the chain gunners, stay out of their line of fire and take potshots. Try using grenades, or any sort of heavy weapons you can find to take them out quickly.


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