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The D-charge

The D-charge (Demolitions charge) is an explosive used by the ISA military. It is used to destroy objects like support columns, doors, and mortars. You can use these in specific parts of the Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 campaign. D-charges also have a countdown system to create an opportunity for the user to escape if there is no chance of immediately detonating the charge(s) (like an oil rig which would blow up entirely following the detonation as seen in Killzone 3). Interestingly, even though Rico is theoretically able to set a charge himself - which can be observed when he blows up the museum door in Killzone 3 - he will never do so except for that specific instance. Instead, he will call to you and tell you to do it until you follow his order.

Motion Sensing Edit

The way the D-Charge is implemented is through using the PS3 Sixaxis wireless controller's tilting controls: R1 while turning the controller in the appropriate directions, then releasing and detonating at a safe distance (or not so safe, if you desire). This is also used when turning valves in key sections of the game.

D-Charge Operation System:

In the game, after being instructed at certain points, the player will see a flashing transparent icon on a specific door/objective. Moving to this icon and pressing the 'circle' button will initiate the priming system. Using the method above, the handle is twisted to arm the device. After the lights come on, the arming handle is yanked out and the charge is primed. It seems that the arming handle may double as the detonator as the detonator shows up in the players hand after priming, however it is unclear if the handle is the detonator or if the player is carrying a detonator prior to arming the device.

Retreating to a safe distance to detonate it is recommended.
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