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"Well, I'm guessing your mom got drunk with the boys one night and.."
—Dante Garza[src]
Killzone 2
Age 23
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Deceased
Title Lance Corporal
Affiliation ISA mini
Voiced by Ryan McCluskey

Dante Garza was Alpha Squad's technical expert. He makes his only appearance in Killzone 2.

Killzone 2 Edit

Rescuing Alpha Squad Edit

Garza dies during the mission Tharsis Refinery, where he is shot in the back three times by a wounded Shock Trooper. This is when Rico and Sev try to rescue half of Alpha Squad, including Garza. After the incident, Garza makes it outside but falls to the ground and passes out. Sev found that Rico caused this by starting the firefight before Sev flanked the enemy. He is aided by Evelyn Batton to the landing platform where he dies just as the rescue Intruder arrives. Sev rushes to his friends side and screams for a medic. Back on the New Sun, Sev is seen hitting his body crate.


Better educated and from a more privileged background than Sev and the others, Garza chose to shake off his past and adopt a laid-back, disheveled persona, which failed to conceal his intelligence. His sly sense of humor could often come across as cocky or arrogant - he particularly enjoyed messing with Natko, claiming "someone has to do it" - but in truth he was a committed and loyal comrade. Garza retained an edge of the rebellious loner throughout his military career, which was harnessed by his role as a sniper and demonstrated by a tendency to forge ahead or take the initiative without being ordered. Unlike Sev, he was not great on military procedures or discipline, but made up for this with his selfless courage and loyalty to his fellow soldiers.


Garza has several useful tech skills that are seen throughout Killzone 2, like hacking into Helghast devices, opening locked Helghast doors, and actually knowing how to expertly use the advanced Helghast communicating devices rather than shooting them outright.


  • Garza is fairly popular among the fandom because of his funny, carefree nature.
  • Sev is shown to really care for Garza, which made him upset and angry towards Rico for accidentally causing Garza's death (in the novel Killzone: Ascendancy, Sev even wanted to put a bullet in him). Also in the novel, Sev described Garza as "my old buddy".
  • Kowalski's character skin was intended to be the skin of squad-mate Dante Garza in Killzone 2, in the the Killzone E3 trailer he appears to be Garza when Natko says "Hey Garza, You look cold", and Kowalski answers with Garza's voice.

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