Killzone 3
System Solar System
Star Sun
Moon(s) Moon
Population 25 billion
Government UCN Senate
Military United Colonial Army
Status Active

Earth is the homeworld of humanity and the supreme headquarters of the United Colonial Nations.


In 2055, an oil shortage triggered a global meltdown that resulted in a world war. After the war ended in 2059, Earth's natural resources was depleted which forced humanity to search for new resources on new worlds to ensure their survival. A coalition of Earth's wealthiest nations and companies formed the United Colonial Nations to investigate space colonization.

Through colonization of the Terran Solar System (including Earth's moon), and star systems beyond such as Alpha Centauri, human life on Earth was able to endure and eventually thrive. The current population of Earth is about 25 billion people. Due to the Earth being majorly overpopulated they have to drain the entire Mediterranean and have entire floating green cities in the Atlantic and the pacific and the government has offered incentives for people to move to other planets such as Mars or Vekta to usually find a low skilled job such as mining or a street sweeper as the slums of earth are rapidly growing in the poorer regions such as South India, Central Africa and Central America.[1]

As of the Second Extrasolar War, Earth remains the capital world of the UCN. During the conflict it was the target of an intended Petrusite bombardment by the Helghast, but ISA forces were able to foil the attack before it could be launched.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • In Killzone 3, Captain Narville describes the crater left by Red Dust as "the size of Kansas", implying that the United States of America, or at least Kansas in some way, still exists by 2360.


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