Facility X01 was a Helghast mobile research facility used for the development of the Helghan Empire's biological weapons program.


Due to security purposes, Facility X01 was designed to be in constant motion, hovering above mainly desert terrain. It is powered by two Mark III Arc generator engines that provide combined vertical lift of 870,000 pounds. Independent operation allows pitch control. Its rear jet thrusters provide forward momentum.[1]

Aircraft landing decks are built on the facility in which it enable traffic of personnel and supplies without having to dock the facility. The front landing deck features maintenance trenches for access to the underside of parked craft. The rear landing deck has engineering access beneath the decking with an automated system for raising fuel rods, enabling rapid refueling.[1]

Eight independently firing anti-aircraft gun turrets are mounted on top of both sides of the superstructure. They are controlled from the facility's Control Center, which is accessible from the front landing deck.[1]

Its research areas are biologically secure RSD laboratories, housed under the wings at the side of the facility. Biohazard materials are delivered via automated containment vessels. Incineration units are used for waste disposal.[1]

Facility X01 also possessed a viral vault to secure and store biohazard materials that are held in sealed bio-canisters. The vault is a suspended central structure, isolated from R&D. Its operating temperature is maintained to within 1° by cryogenic coolant tanks on the lower platform. A automated retrieval system is used to carry bio-canisters to and from the storage area. The system is activated by keycard, which are given to senior research personnel, at control terminal. Viral ID is used to identify stored samples. The vault's door is made of layered steel enclosure filled with reinforced concrete and is access by key code entry only. The vault's entry codes are reset weekly by the facility's lead researcher Doctor Mandor Savic.[1]


Facility X01 was the site of the development of the biological weapon Project Eschaton, which was stolen from the ISA Alpha Centauri. Hardened criminals and undesirable Helghast citizens were transferred to Facility X01 where they are used as test subjects in which many perished from the experiments. The project was overseen by Colonel Vyktor Kratek and Mandor Savic.

During the events of Operation Archangel, ISA forces under Admiral Alex Grey and the Phantom Talon Corp attacked Facility X01 after forcing Savic into revealing the location of the Eschaton virus. However, they were unable to break into the viral vault as Savic did not told Grey about the vault's entry code. Mercenary Arran Danner, whom Savic GAVE him the code, obtained and destroyed the last sample of the virus and killed Grey and Anders Benoit. Facility X01 suffered heavy damages from the attack and subsequently crashes.



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