First Extrasolar War
First E.S.W.

2199 – 2204


Alpha Centauri


UCN/ISA Victory

  • Surrender of the Helghan Corporation
  • Vekta turned over to ISA rule
  • Helghan corporate colonists resettled on planet Helghan

United Colonial Nations
ISA Alpha Centauri

Helghan Corporation


UCN Senate

Helghan CEO and Executive Board


United Colonial Army

Helghan Corporation


UCN Cruiser

Helghan Corporation ships


Presumably moderate casualties

Heavy casualties

The First Extrasolar War, also known as the First Helghan War was a interstellar conflict between the United Colonial Nations and the Alpha Centauri ISA, and the Helghan Corporation that lasted from 2199 to 2204. The war had long lasting repercussions, which resulted in the Helghan exodus, the rise of the Helghan Empire, and laid the groundwork for the Second Extrasolar War.


In the late 22nd century, the Helghan Corporation more or less held a highly lucrative monopoly over the vital worlds of industrial Helghan and luxurious Vekta in the Alpha Centauri system because of UCN colonial grants. This allowed the corporation to tax all ships going through the system, on top of the considerable income from trade and re-fueling. The UCN grew concerned and frustrated by Helghan's domination over star travel and space trade—traditionally under UCN control—and profiting off colonial endeavors that the UCN itself has underwritten. In response, the UCN impose new taxes and regulations on space travel and shipping, in which the money was then use to expand the United Colonial Army. The new regulations also revoked the Helghan Administration's right to a large home fleet and tariffs on shipping.

The Helghan Administration refused to obey the UCN's regulations, but agreed to enter into talks with the UCN to resolve the issue. However, in 2199, negotiations between Earth and the Helghan Administration failed to bring a mutually satisfactory resolution, and resulting in the Administration finally seceding and declaring itself an independent colony. The UCN retaliated by dispatching the UCA Navy to seize control of the navigation points between the colonies and Earth in the Helghan system, protecting the flow of colonial trade to Earth would allow a blockade of Helghan.

The Helghan Police actionEdit

The Helghan Administration attempted to expel all ISA forces from the Alpha Centauri system. Despite of their overwhelming numeric superiority, Helghan corporate forces were poorly equipped and inexperienced compared to their ISA counterparts, which managed to retreat intact and in good order to wage a guerrilla campaign that sapped the strength of the Helghan forces.


UCA ships over planet Helghan.

In 2201, the UCA Navy fleet arrived into the Alpha Centauri system, relieving local ISA ships and obliterating the entire Helghan corporate navy in an hours-long pitched engagement over the planet Helghan without the loss of a single vessel. In the heat of the battle, the massive orbiting space station that served as a navigation hub for directing ships in and out of the system was destroyed; while it is unknown who was responsible, both sides blamed the other.

After gaining orbital control of Helghan, the UCA Navy then linked up with scattered ISA elements and pushed onward to Vekta, leaving a small picket fleet to blockade Helghan and patrol its surrounding space. The combined ISA and UCA Navy fleet quickly subdued the remnants of the Helghan Customs Service in orbit. The corporate soldiers on Vekta declared their intentions to fight to the death, but a devastating UCA orbital bombardment convinced them to yield to the inevitable; they all quickly surrendered, without a single UCA ground soldier ever firing a shot.



UCA troops detain Helghan Corporation soldiers.

The Helghan Administration's defeat led to the arrests of the Helghan CEO and all members of the Executive Board, the seizing of the dual planets, and the corporation's assets being handed to the UCN. Afterwards, no other world ever questioned the UCN's mandates—in essence Earth's will—and its right to rule ever again.

The UCN turned Vekta over to direct ISA rule in order to monitor the Helghan corporate-affiliated population to prevent future unrest. Settlers from Earth were brought in to supplement the corporate-affiliated that was already on Vekta. However, tensions soon rose between the Earth minority and Helghan corporate majority, resulting in Helghan extremists conducting terrorist attacks on the ISA and Earth-loyal citizens. In turn, the ISA government enacted harsh draconian punishments on the Helghan population. Eventually by 2220, the attacks ceased and millions of disaffected Helghan colonists chose to resettle on Helghan.

The Helghan Corporation's defeat during the war, coupled with the mass exile of all of its personnel to the hostile planet of Helghan, cemented the Helghast's bitter hatred of the ISA—most specifically the "lesser" human race—and the rise of the Helghan Empire led by the powerful, tyrannical, and charismatic leader Scolar Visari.

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