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Guerrilla Games is a first party game studio and subsidiary wholly owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Guerrilla Games is best known for it's Killzone franchise; exclusive to PlayStation.


Founded in 2000 as the result of a merger between three smaller Dutch studios, Guerrilla set up in Amsterdam and developed the game Shellshock: Nam '67 under Eidos Entertainment. In 2004, GG worked under Sony and released Killzone. Sony Computer Entertainment soon purchased them in 2005 and added them to their library of first party studios[1].

In 2006, they released their first portable game, Killzone: Liberation. Proving that GG's quality was increasing game by game, SCE instantly put them in development of Killzone 2 for the PlayStation 3 before the console was even released. After a long wait, Killzone 2 was released in February 2009 after many delays. It's metascore of 91 shows how the studio has taken to the PS3's hardware and changed over the course of almost a decade.

Killzone 3 was released February 22nd, 2011 to much anticipation. While being criticized by many fans and critics for a lackluster storyline and tone, the game has still received very good reviews, particularly in relation to the combat and graphic design. In February 2013, Guerilla announced Killzone: Shadow Fall, released on the PlayStation 4.

Released TitlesEdit

Name Announced Publisher Released
Shellshock: Nam '67 February 19, 2004 Eidos Interactive September 14, 2004
Killzone August 1, 2003 Sony Computer Entertainment November 2, 2004
Killzone: Liberation January 26, 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment October 31, 2006
Killzone 2 May 16, 2005 Sony Computer Entertainment February 27, 2009
Killzone 3 May 24, 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment February 22, 2011
Killzone Trilogy September 6, 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment October 23, 2012
Killzone: Shadow Fall February 20, 2013 Sony Computer Entertainment November 15, 2013
Horizon Zero Dawn June 15, 2015 Sony Interactive Entertainment February 28, 2017

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