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Heavy tank killzone 1

Helghast Heavy Hovertank in Killzone.

Heavily armed and well protected, the Helghast Heavy tank is the toughest of all land vehicles. An anti-gravity power source allows the tank to hover over the terrain, although its vast weight greatly reduces its speed. The heavy tank is armed with a 152mm M81 smoothbore gun-launcher with an automatic loader, co-axial machine gun, and a manually operated machine gun in a separately rotating cupola on top of the turret. It can also be used for the deployment of troops.

Killzone: LiberationEdit

The Heavy Hovertank is a major weapon for the Helghast Third Army. It is equipped with a machine gun and a 152mm M81 smoothbore gun-launcher. The hover-tank has proven itself many times to be stronger than almost anything ISA on Vekta can throw at it in a one on one fight, with only the ISA Lancer tank having any chance of success. It is used by Armin Metrac in Killzone: Liberation. The only way to destroy it is to use a BNLR Rocket launcher but fire it when you have taken cover and you have to stay away from detection. You must take cover because the tank cannot kill you while it does not have a shot on you. But if you are out of cover then it will kill you with the machine gun or missiles.

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

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VAN-Guard statistics

The Helghast tank makes also makes an appearance during the battle of Diortem. After rescuing ISA Admiral Alex Grey from the Halls of Justice, Danner takes on a Helghast tank.


  • While the Heavy hover tank is largely an original design, the turret bears a strong similarity to the M551  turret.

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