Helghast Tracked AAPC
Killzone 2, Killzone 3
Affiliation HGH mini
Weapons Light machine gun
The Helghast Tracked AAPC, nicknamed "The Bull", is used by the Helghan planetary-defense armies. It is nowhere near as sophisticated as the Third Army's Hover APC.


It's not as fast or maneuverable as its hovering counterpart, and it appears to only be another mining vehicle modified for combat, with a front exit ramp and digging gear mounted on the front. However, it is well-respected because of the relatively heavy firepower it fields in its linked turret and passenger LARs. Its front armor is quite heavy, perfect for ramming through obstructions or minesweeping. With its top-mounted light machine gun, it is the ideal vessel for ensuring the safe arrival of the six Helghast warriors within.

The reason why the Helghast didn't use their hover APCs in defense of Helghan over their tracked ones during the ISA's invasion of Helghan is probably because the Third Army exclusively used hover technology (as the Helghast were sure of their victory in the invasion of Vekta, and therefore probably gave all of their most advanced technology to the invasion force).



  • The APC bears a slight similarity with the real life Amtrak.

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