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Like the ISA Exoskeleton, the Helghast Trooper Carrier is equal as a mechanical augment to the environment, the only difference being that it is a quadpedel vehicle and has the ability to carry three troopers, but what really separates it from the ISA Exo machine is that is autonomous. A single flamethower is mounted underneath it's sensory head, along with a light mortar cannon that is mounted on it's back. It fires it's mortar cannon when attacking a target far away, and when the target is close to it, it will use it's flamethower. A direct hit from the cannon can be lethal on Trooper difficulty. It can engage in melee combat, as it is seen in the gameplay fighting an Exo unit. Trooper Carriers are moderately armored against small arms fire, and can withstand about 89 rounds from the StA52 Assault Rifle before being destroyed. It takes two direct hits from a VC9 Rocket Launcher to destroy it on Trooper difficulty.


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