The Helghast harvester drone is a small flying worker robot that operates in Pyrrhus City transporting and collecting raw petrusite ore from the smoker tower of Konstantine City, an offshore archipelago of Pyrrhus City.

Specifications Edit

These automated robots work in vast numbers searching and collecting ores that they carry to a nearby petrusite extraction bay also known as a refinery, they move the ore with the help of big electrostatic plates acting as containers for the ore to be transported in. The drone itself only has a few programs that is followed by tasks. The tasks go in this order:

  • Search for petrusite and pick it up from the miners operating in the smoker towers
  • Transport petrusite with the help of using electrostatic plates to the refinery
  • Drop off the electrostatic plates at the refinery's cleaning and processing plant
  • Wait for the electrostatic plate to come back empty of petrusite ore and cleaned ready for to be used again, or by following the alternative
  • (alternative) pick up a new electrostatic plate, meanwhile the current one is cleaned off and put on a rail system that takes it to the plate extraction bay, where they are stored to be used again by other worker Drones
  • Fly back to collect more raw petrusite ore
  • Repeat process until further orders.


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