Colonies are human settlements that the UCN established on distant planets, in order to ensure the continued survival of the humans located on Earth.

Known ColoniesEdit

  • Vekta is one of the UCN's most sucessful colonies. It is of great strategic importance, as it is a jump point between Earth and it's numerous other colonies, as well as a supplier of food and other resources. The planet of Vekta has a long history with the Helghast, formerly of planet Helghan.
  • Helghan was a planet named after the Helghan Corporation, a company that had won the bidding rights to the planet from the UCN after they lost six colony ships in a solar flare. Helghan was originally known for it's shipbuilding and production of the planet's energy, which it sold to ships passing by it. After the First Extrasolar War however, it became the birthplace of the Helghast and the Helghan Empire. By the time of the Second Extrasolar War, most of the planet's population had died in the Terracide. All Helghast now live on Vekta or other colony worlds.
  • Gyre
  • Moon


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