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ISA Alpha Centauri
Killzone, Killzone: Liberation, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone: Mercenary, Killzone: Shadow Fall
Established 2133
Leader -
Planet Vekta
Status Active
Purpose Military, Government

ISA Alpha Centauri refers to the ISA located in the Alpha Centauri system on planet Vekta. They serve as the protagonist faction throughout most of the Killzone series, typically waging war against the Helghast in one way or another.

History[edit | edit source]

Early days[edit | edit source]

Established in 2133, ISA Alpha Centauri Command was one of the first ISA Commands to be created. ISA Alpha Centauri developed an inter-service rivalry with the Helghan Administration's militia, which was not directly part of the ISA or UCN/UCA chain of command. The ISA imposed strict limitations on the militia's size and equipment, and forcing them to only allow all of its officers to be provided by the ISA.

First Extrasolar War[edit | edit source]

Main article: First Extrasolar War

In the very early 23rd century, ISA Alpha Centauri would see its first major conflict, in a war against the Helghan Administration who had seceded from the United Colonial Nations after a dispute over trade had gone poorly. Despite being outnumbered by the Helghan Administration's military, the ISA proved to be more experience and well equipped than their Helghan counterparts. Many ISA forces were able to escape from the initial fighting and engaged in hit-and-run operations from hidden bases. After UCA forces finally reached Alpha Centauri, the ISA fought alongside the UCA and make quick work of the Administration, and arresting all civil servants, as are any executives of the Helghan Corporation.

Civil Unrest[edit | edit source]

After the First Extrasolar War had ended the Helghan Administration, Vekta was ripe for UCN settlement. The local ISA was given authority over Vekta and UCN colony ships began making their way to Vekta—much to the native population's chagrin. In the early days of the Earth colonists settlement the native Vektans began a campaign of terror and intimidation against the Earth-loyal minority. The ISA Governor General would respond to the growing terrorism by deploying the ISA to put down these attacks, and push back against the Helghan population.

Eventually, the Helghan in desperation negotiated with the ISA in allowing them to resettle on planet Helghan. The ISA agreed, and so began the exodus, as millions of disgruntled colonists make their way to the toxic and inhospitable Helghan. The ISA has had its fill of the native Vektan's unruliness and acts of terror, and to the UCN the planet is of no value, and so they are left to their own devices while subjecting Helghan to blockades and restrictions until diplomatic relations are normalized.

Intermediate Years[edit | edit source]

More than a century after the First Extrasolar War, the Vektan ISA High Command began ceasing the blockade of Helghan in 2304. During this time, several rich members in the ISA began the construction of a orbital defense network in favor of maintaining an extensive space fleet.

At some point, Vekta experiences a smaller scale conflict limited to Vekta, known as the "First Vektan War". The details on this war are non-existent, but it is known Dirk Templar, the father of the future war hero Jan Templar, fought and died in this conflict, and Bradley Vaughton was a veteran of this war.

By 2350, the Helghan Empire began their rapid remilitarization. The ISA did not sought to expand their navy, but instead to continue to rely on the orbital defense network in the face of potential Helghast aggression. Unknown to the ISA, several of their officers were secretly compromised into working with the Helghan Empire. Generals Stuart Adams and Dwight Stratson were converted into Helghast sympathizers by Scolar Visari and plotted with the Helghan Empire's planned invasion of Vekta. With the SD Platforms under a traitor's control, the Helghan Empire have an entry point into Vekta.

Second Extrasolar War[edit | edit source]

Main article: Second Extrasolar War

Visari's plan was a total success when the time arrives in 2357, and the Helghast invaded Vekta after bypassing the defense network. The ISA death toll was high, and the first line of defense, the Rapid Reaction Force was torn to pieces. It is only due to the actions of Jan Templar and his team that Vekta does not fall, and the two traitor generals both die and are taken to jail respectively.

In 2359, the ISA launched a counter-invasion to planet Helghan. The first wave of the invasion force would pave the way for Battle Group Mandrake, led by the war hero and now Colonel Jan Templar, to launch their assault on the Helghan capital of Pyrrhus. The counter-invasion, however, became a total failure and results in the loss of most of their forces in which some of them were left stranded on Helghan.

Six months after the failed invasion, the ISA brokered a peace deal with the Helghan high command. But unknown to them, the Helghast led by Jorhan Stahl plotted to attack Earth with irradiated Petrusite-based weapons. However, a group of ISA remnants managed to stop Stahl's plans and ended the Second Extrasolar War after accidentally causing the planet-wide devastation of Helghan in what would become known as the Terracide.

Vektan Cold War[edit | edit source]

Main article: Vektan Cold War

Following the Terracide, the ISA, in an act of pity, allowed Helghan's survivors to resettle on Vekta. However, the Helghast refused to integrate into Vektan society and bearing a deeper grudge against the ISA for their defeat. As a result of the domestic unrest between Vektans and Helghast, Vekta was divided between the Vektan government and the nation of New Helghan, and a massive, planet-spanning barrier was constructed to separate the two civilizations apart.

During the Cold War, the Vektan Security Agency was established within the ISA in order to deal with the once again domestic Helghast threat.

In 2390, the ISA and VSA discovered Jorhan Stahl had survived the Terracide, and was building a military force to invade Vekta. An ISA taskforce under VSA Director Thomas Sinclair traveled to Helghan and engage Stahl's forces. The battle, however, became a costly pyrrhic victory as the taskforce was destroyed by Stahl's bio-weapon (which was created by the ISA) and Stahl himself was killed by Sinclair. The ISA covered up the losses as a result of "friendly fire."

Sinclair returned to Vekta as a hero and planned on renewing war with the Helghast. The VSA Director, during a public speech on gaining support for his war, was later assassinated by an unknown assailant, thus preventing Sinclair's rhetoric from becoming reality.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

ISA Alpha Centauri has several in-house weapons manufacturing divisions. As far as one can tell this is a bit of an anomaly, because if the UCN is supposed to supply equipment, it would raise the question of why ISA Alpha Centauri would need it's own weapons manufacturing facilities. It is possible the Alpha Centauri branch is more independent of the UCN then others, though this is not known for sure.

Small Arms[edit | edit source]

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
M82 Assault Rifle ISA Weapon Systems Vekta Second Extrasolar War Standard issue service rifle during the invasions of Vekta and Helghan.
M55 Rumbler Vekta Vektan Cold War Standard issue assault rifle circa 2390. Successor to the M82, chambered for the 6.8x43mm round.
M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol Vekta Second Extrasolar War Chambered for .50AE cartridge, 7 round magazine.
M3 Revolver Vekta Second Extrasolar War Originally a ceremonial gun, returned to service after a Helghast blockade.
M4 Revolver Vekta Second Extrasolar War Successor of the M3. Standard issue sidearm for the ISA Marines.
M66-SD Submachine Gun Vekta Second Extrasolar War Silenced submachine gun, preferred by Shadow Marshals.
LS57 Submachine Gun ISA Weapon Systems Vekta Second Extrasolar War Modeled after M82 Assault Rifle. 25 round magazine, fires 9mm subsonic rounds.
LS13 Shotgun Vekta Second Extrasolar War Eight shell shotgun, high stopping power but slow reload time.
M224-A1 Light Machine Gun Vekta Second Extrasolar War Typically used as a support weapon for suppressing fire. Uses 6.8 x 43mm rounds, holds 2 96 round clips for 192 rounds total.
M224-A2 Tyrant Vekta Second Extrasolar War High stopping power of an M224 MOMAG and the portability of a M224-A1 LMG.

Heavy Weapons[edit | edit source]

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
M327 Grenade Launcher ISA Laboratories Vekta Second Extrasolar War The ISA's one and only grenade launcher. Fires 40mm percussion grenades, 2 clips for 12 rounds.
M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon Vekta Second Extrasolar War 7.62 x 51mm chain-gun, mounted on a servo-powered gyro-stabilization harness system. High rate of fire, massive size and high recoil.
M404 Missile Launcher Vekta Second Extrasolar War Fires single 84mm missiles, has a dumb-fire and laser-guided mode.
M80 Missile Launcher Vekta Second Extrasolar War Fires 84mm missiles, has a guidance system that can lock onto long range targets with a diamond shape.

Land Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
ISA Lancer Vekta Second Extrasolar War Armored fighting vehicle with a 105mm rifled gun that fires APFSDS made of depleted uranium. Has an additional 7.62 x 51mm coaxial machine gun.
ISA Archer Tank Vekta Second Extrasolar War Two-man armored assault vehicle capable of both anti-tank and anti-aircraft roles.
ISA HAMR IFV Vekta Second Extrasolar War A heavily armed combat vehicle with all-terrain capabilities.
LS209 Exoskeleton Vekta Second Extrasolar War An all-terrain bipedal weapon platform ideal for providing support to convoys. It is a mass-produced prototype, with a lifespan of only a few months.
ISA AAPC Vekta Second Extrasolar War Troop transport vehicle capable of traversing through water.
ISA Jeep Vekta Second Extrasolar War Light all-terrain vehicle, ideal for reconnaissance missions, hit-and-run assaults against infantry or fortifications.

Aerial Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
ISA VTOL Vekta Second Extrasolar War Used as both a troop transport and gunship. Later replaced by the ISA Intruder, and succeeded by the ISA Heavy VTOL.
ISA Heavy VTOL Vekta Vektan Cold War A trans-atmospheric dropship that is the successor to the ISA VTOL. Capable of traveling up to 120kmph.
ISA Fighter Bomber Vekta Second Extrasolar War An STO/VL aircraft used as both a fighter and an air support craft.
ISA Intruder Vekta Second Extrasolar War A cargo lift re-purposed as a cheap dropship. Capable of carrying 10 troops, but is very fragile.

Sea Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
ISA Hovercraft Vekta Second Extrasolar War An antigravity vehicle whose purpose is to traverse and fight enemies over water. It is equipped with a machine gun turret and a rocket launcher.

Spacecraft[edit | edit source]

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
ISA Cruiser ISA Vekta Shipbuilding Division Vekta Second Extrasolar War - Vektan Cold War Seemingly the only combat oriented spacecraft available to ISA Alpha Centauri. They are however, far superior to Helghast spacecraft and can easily best them in combat.
Shadow Marshal Stealth Ship Vekta Vektan Cold War A low profile insertion vessel designed for Shadow Marshals.

Components[edit | edit source]

Space[edit | edit source]

Name Origin Era Notes
ISA Navy Vekta Second Extrasolar War - Vektan Cold War This Navy maintains and uses all aerial and space fleet assets, including Intruder dropships, ISA VTOLs, ISA Heavy VTOLs, and ISA Cruisers.
ISA Marines Vekta Second Extrasolar War The Marines are a shock-force for invasions, being the first troops in any invasion. Marines formed the core of Vekta's counterattack against the Helghast and saw the most combat.

Land[edit | edit source]

Name Origin Era Notes
Rapid Reaction Force Vekta Second Extrasolar War The first line of defense against invaders or internal enemies, the RRF maintains a gendarmerie esque role; policing the colonies in peacetime, and serving as front-line troops in war.
ISA Police Vekta Second Extrasolar War They seemingly fill the role of police; this is odd as they appear during the Helghast invasion of Vekta when the RRF would have still been active.
ISA Legionnaires Vekta Second Extrasolar War The Legionnaires were battle-hardened soldiers, formed from veterans such as Rico Velasquez and Jan Templar.
ISA Special Forces Vekta Second Extrasolar War The Special Forces are comprised of ISA Shadow Marshals, who are responsible for assassinations and sabotage, and Covert Field Operatives who gather information and intelligence.
Vektan Security Agency Vekta Second Extrasolar War The Vektan Security Agency is an intelligence agency embedded within the ISA which also provides law enforcement and internal security throughout Vekta. They also conduct reconnaissance and high-risk missions beyond The Wall (the border between New Helghan and Vekta) via their Special Forces and Shadow Marshals.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As far as gameplay goes, the blue light on ISA gear differentiates them from the Helghast, whose color is red. When it comes to story however, it is unclear what this device is, and why the ISA would make such an easy target of themselves.
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