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A pair of heavy VTOLS standing guard over the ISA side of the wall

In the aftermath of the Second Extrasolar War, the ISA called for a more durable and capable offensive oriented VTOL dropship than the Intruder, while not being as over-engineered as the VTOL. The product would be the Heavy VTOL. It is better armed than its Helghan counterpart, the S.E.W. Overlord, and can operate in outer space with little modification.

The designation of Heavy VTOL comes from the fact that it is heavily armed with machine guns, missile launchers and heavy armor. It is capable of deploying ziplines so that the troops can land on the ground while the VTOL remains in the air.


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The Heavy VTOL has a large 30mm-35mm caliber chin-mounted autocannon, and its wings can change from acting as control surfaces that aid in forward flight to landing struts while hovering or in preparation for landing. The pilot sits in a forward position in the cockpit, isolated from the cargo hold. The co-pilot sits in the cargo hold area so that he can provide mission briefings for the soldiers. The cargo hold itself is large with ample space for soldiers and supplies.These ships are faster and can go upto 120kmph speed.


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