Hakha, an Infield Agent (Spy)

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Luger, a Shadow Marshal (Assassin)

The ISA Special Forces consist of two separate divisions in the ISA Army: the Shadow Marshals, who are responsible for assassination and sabotage type duties, and the Covert Field Operatives, who are charged with gathering intelligence and information. Both the Shadow Marshals and Covert Field Operatives comprise 10% of the ISA Army, and rely on secrecy, deception, and manipulation to gain an edge over their enemies. Out of all the ISA forces, these are the ISA military operatives most feared and hated by the Helghast.

The Shadow Marshals are charged with the assassination of high profile or high threat targets such as military officers and commanders. They also excel in sabotage and are very proficient in the use of explosives. Shadow Marshals are equipped with M66-SD Submachine Guns, M32 Combat Knives, Night Vision Goggles and if needed, C4 explosives. Trained for stealth-based operations that rely on agility, efficiency and tactical thinking, The Shadow Marshals hold an infamous reputation in the Helghan ranks and are known as the shadows of the ISA forces.

The Covert Field Operatives are essentially agents (or spies) that gather important and valuable information on enemy activities, plans, and whereabouts, which enable the ISA Regulars and Rapid Reaction Forces to respond to any threats with minimal delay. Most Field Operatives are also equipped with special Biochips that enable them to bypass Helghast Anti-Personnel mines that scan them as being Helghast, rather than Human. Human/Helgan half-breed defectors are common within the ranks of Infield Agents. Field Operatives are trained in having strategic and calculative intelligence, composure and speed. They are considered the eyes and ears of the ISA forces, and most notably serve as the minds of ISA operations.