The ISC Cassandra was a retrofitted ISA cruiser converted into a VSA weapon research station.

Operational HistoryEdit

ISC Cassandra Dossier

Cassandra dossier

The Cassandra was originally constructed as a cargo ship which launched in 2358. It was later re-purposed in 2386 to function as a black site weapons-based research station and sent into deep space. The Cassandra was joined by two other ships, the ISC Rydion and ISC Hexis. The Cassandra's true purpose was publicly covered up by the Vektan government in which the ship was stated to be a unmanned research station used for a routine survey of local solar data from Vekta's sun, Alpha Centauri B.

In 2389, Dr. Hillary Massar joined the ship and began work on developing a biological weapon designed to kill Helghast. Half breed migrants were unwillingly taken to the Cassandra to be use as live research subjects. Less than a year later, Dr. Massar decided to defect to the Helghast and released her virus on the Cassandra's crew. VSA Director Sinclair sent Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan to destroy the Cassandra and any evidence of Massar's research by rerouting it into the sun. However, Kellan was unable to stop the Helghast from apprehending Massar.

The cause for the ship's destruction was covered up in an official press release in which the Vale Research Institute stated that the Cassandra had completed its research mission after making "a staggering 41 orbits of the sun and traveled over 500 million km."[1]


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