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Killzone: Mercenary
Teams ISA mini vsHGH mini
Modes All
Location Helghan
"The Corinth River provides the epicentre for the ISA's invasion of Helgan - the beach area around the jetties and sluice gates being just the latest area to see action. The terrain is pockmarked with craters, trenches and discarded cargo creating a feeling of being in the middle of "no-man's land". A partially destroyed road bridge spans the battle area giving an advantageous but exposed elevated position from which to survey the battle zone."
— Description

Inlet is a Killzone: Mercenary online multiplayer map.

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

Inlet takes place around the Corinth River which was first seen in Killzone 2. The most notable thing about Inlet is that it's a wide open space, and it has very little in the way of aerial cover from VAN-Guard attacks. There is a collapsed bridge that provides a good overview of the map, and a nice location for snipers.

Gallery Edit

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