The Killzone comics were a series of planned comics by Dreamwave Productions.

Announcement Edit

The comic series was announced on July 8, 2004, as a three part comic series by Dreamwave Productions. It is unclear if any of the issues were finished at all, but Dreamwave would continue to release press releases on the three issues up until their bankruptcy. On July 27, Dreamwave founder, Pat Lee would talk about the series to "Killzone is a project that we’re working with Sony on. They came to us with it, and we thought it would be a really interesting idea if we took on this new property. They’re putting it out as a video game fairly soon. We’re pretty excited, it’s the type of project that we’ve always been interested in. We’re telling a war story with a video game franchise. It’s gonna be a blast."[1]


Before it's official cancellation, John Ney Reiber, writer of the comic series, would tell "Dreamwave is apparently preparing to close its offices. A press release is forthcoming, I’m told. Neither Pat nor Roger Lee have confirmed this–to me, anyway. Which could be very naturally attributed to the holiday season. Or just as naturally attributed to any number of less jolly causes. But I can say with absolute certainty that this was a bleak Christmas for at least one freelancer who was assured earlier in the month–*after* your announcement of the McDonough/Patyk lawsuit against Dreamwave– that they would be paid on time for the work they had turned in."[2]

This was proven to be correct, as the company officially announced its bankruptcy on January 4, 2005.[3]


Name Cover Summary
Killzone #1 Killzonecovercomic A galactic peace is shattered when the brutal Helghast mount an overwhelming assault on the colonies of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance. But on the fallen planet Vecta, four scattered survivors of that shockwave offensive may unite to forge the key to humanity's ultimate survival--

If they can survive their solitary passages through the bloody trenches and burning towers of a world become a killzone.

Killzone #2 Killzonecovercomic2 As the elusive Helghast Sniper hunts down Rico's exhausted squad one by one, the few remaining heroes must try and stop the otherworldly horde from overrunning their team on the planet Vecta. On the run and outnumbered, time is running out for the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance...
Killzone #3 Killzonecovercomic3 Can anyone survive the Killzone?

With the Helghast onslaught ripping through his friends, Rico is forced to make a weighty decision: retreat with the few men left alive or make a last stand against the unstoppable Helghast Elite! One thing is certain... after seeing the ground drenched red from the blood of his fallen comrades, the Helghast must pay dearly for every inch of ground they take.


  • There was a one-shot Killzone manga released in Japan to promote Killzone: Mercenary.[4]

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