"Yeah, I'm gonna have nightmares about that, thanks."
Killzone 3
Age Unknown
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Deceased
Title Corporal
Affiliation ISA mini

Kowalski was a reconnaissance scout of the ISA who was stranded on Helghan.

Killzone 3Edit

He helped Tomas Sevchenko to get through the hostile Kaznan Jungle on Helgan. As he and Sev made their way through the dense foliage, he would tutor Sev on how to move and kill silently and effectively. As they kept going, they eventually came across the uplink that they were sent to find.

Sev told Kowalski to return to Captain Narville to tell of the impending counterattack on their camp. Kowalski was able to return and participate in the skirmish that ensued. Unfortunately, the ISA survivors were overrun, despite their best efforts. Kowalski was promptly executed by the Helghast.

Gallery Edit


  • Kowalski has a resemblance to the character "Dusty" from EA's Medal of Honor.
  • Despite being a recon trooper/scout, Kowalski wields a M224-A1 LMG in combat, hardly the appropriate choice for a stealthy operator. This may be a concession to gameplay if the player is ever detected, as he is shown with an M82 Assault Rifle in cutscenes.
  • Kowalski's character skin was intended to be the skin of squad-mate Dante Garza in Killzone 2, in the the Killzone E3 trailer he appears to be Garza when Natko says "Hay Garza, You look cold", and Kowasiki answers with Garza's voice.
  • He is most likely of Polish descent.