The LS70 Fors is a single-shot sniper rifle manufactured by the VSA.

LS70 Fors
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Type Sniper Rifle
Manufacturer VSA
Location Chapter 7: The Handler (equipped and used by an ally sniper)
Alt/Zoom 4x(standard),4x-10x(attachment)
Power Massive
Rate of fire Bol-action
Accuracy Massive
Range {{{range}}}


The LS70 is a powerful anti-materiel sniper rifle with a bolt-action loading mechanism. The counterpart of the STA59B and STA101, only one bullet can be chambered at any time, and it must be reloaded after every time it is fired. The Scout class is the only user of this weapon.

Attachments Edit

  • Silencer

Optical Edit

  • x4 Scope (Standard)
  • x4-x10 Scope

Underbarrel Edit