LSR44 Spoor - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

LSR44 Spoor - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The LSR44 Spoor is a VSA weapon introduced in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is the preferred weapon of Lucas Kellan, and is featured on the cover art for the game. It cannot be unequipped in the campaign.

Weapon InformationEdit

The LSR44 provides a unique hybrid of carbine and sniper rifle. It's firing mechanism uses an electronic, rail-based technology. The design features open rails to vent built-up plasma to prevent damage to the firing system due to heat. In the campaign, the default firing mode on the LSR44 is fully-automatic. In multiplayer -- where it can only be equipped by the Scout class -- it is locked into a 3-round burst-fire mode. The railgun mode remains the same, though.

The alternate fire extends the gun to a shape that resembles a rail gun, and flips up an ACOG sight in place of the default Dot Laser. This firing mode has to be charged, and once fully charged it unleashes a devastating blast. A single shot in 'Sniper Mode' will drain half of the LSR44's twenty-four round magazine. The LSR44 is an extremely versatile weapon in both Shadowfall's campaign as well as its multiplayer, as the LSR44 can transform from a formidable close-quarters machine-gun into a powerful sniper-rifle in a matter of seconds.

The LSR44 is a very strong weapon, despite having no other attachments.

Note:you are not equiped with this weapon in chapter 6:The Agent because you have lost it in chapter 5.


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