Leech Pod
Killzone 2
Type Aerial Breach Craft
Affiliation HGH mini
Weapons -
The brainchild of Colonel Radec, and based on a subterranean mining vehicle, The HGH Leech Pod is the aerial version of the advanced ground based RDPC6 (Rapid Deployment Personnel Carrier).


During the Second Extrasolar War, the standard Helghast Cruiser carried 22 Leech Pods, with 11 mounted on each side. The Leech Pods could hold up to six Helghast soldiers in various configurations of armor and armament. To board a vessel, the Leech Pods pierced through the exterior of its target ship, drilling through the ship's hull with their built-in heavy mining drill, and unloading the Helghast soldiers cradled within from a frontal deployment door. Upon a successful breach, these soldiers would then commence boarding operations inside the enemy ship.

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