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The M10 Quad Cannon

The M10 Quad Cannon is an AA (Anti-Air) cannon used by ISA Cruisers; it is very similar to the Helghast VC25 AA Cannon. It is somewhat more advanced than the VC25, however, as it has a protective pod for the user and a locking system. It has 4 automatic 35x228 mm anti-aircraft cannons, as well as a guided missile launcher for tougher targets. The M10 AA guns fire solid slugs instead of fragmentation shells making it perfect to destroy leach pods and Helghast fighters with glancing hits.

Its cockpit features four large guns, supported by a reinforced and pivoting arm, which gives the M10 AA an impressive pitch and yaw besting the VC25. The cockpit offers gunners a fighter pilot-styled targeting system, including an interactive heads-up display with 4x zoom capability.

Sev uses one during the Helghast counterattack on the ISA fleet above Helghan.

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