The M66-SD Machine Pistol is a silenced sub-machine gun manufactured by ISA.



An effective assassination and CQB (Close Quarters Battle) weapon, the M66-SD Machine Pistol is fitted with a sound suppressor as standard. The high temperature alloy of the suppressor can make single shots almost totally silent, although it is incapable of muffling full-auto fire. The Shadow Marshals refer to it as the "silent death". This weapon is Luger's weapon of choice in Killzone 1.

The M66-SD fires special subsonic 7.62 x 33 mm carbine ammunition.

This gun reappears in Killzone 3 in the Kaznan Jungle mission with a 20 round magazine, a silencer, and is further augmented with a holographic sight. It will fire a single shot if aimed with the holo-sight at a considerably reduced fire rate.
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M66 Machine Pistol with silencer and holographic sight.

In Killzone 3 Multiplayer, this gun renamed as 'M66 Machine Pistol' and can be used by the Marksman and Field Medic class and is one of the most versatile and useful Secondary Weapons to the classes that can use it. This is especially true for the Marksman as it gives them a highly effective weapon which they can switch to for short range encounters, while still keeping the VC32 Sniper Rifle. Being a silenced weapon helps as the Marksman will always be trying to stay off the enemy´s radar and not give away his position. In Multi


M66-SD, as seen in the first Killzone.

player, the M66 is always fully automatic, so it is always recommended to fire in short bursts unless extremely close to the enemy. At very close ranges, however, spraying targets can be quite effective due to the M66's high rate of fire.

The low ammo count is the main thing which holds the M66 back from constant use but anytime you find yourself near an Ammo Box it can be just as effective as any Primary Weapon in the game. However, it does have quite a significant damage drop once you get outside 25 meters, and its accuracy at that range can be an issue so it should only be employed at close ranges or when clearing rooms.

It reappears in Killzone Mercenary using the KZ3 model, with the main difference that it shoots 3-round bursts using a 24 round magazine, no matter if shot from the hip or from the green-dot sight. The weapon is also held like a pistol, instead of an SMG.

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The weapon also appears in Killzone: Shadow Fall without the silencer for use in multiplayer game modes as a part of the Insurgent DLC. It is also known as the LS12 SMG Pistol.[1]

Killzone statsEdit

Primary / Secondary

Damage--2/5 4/5

Accuracy--3/5 4/5

Rate of Fire--4/5 2/5

Reload Time--4/5 4/5

Magazine Capacity--30 30


  • The M66-SD in the original Killzone takes some design cues from the real-life Heckler & Koch MK 23 SOCOM pistol, particularly the slide design and the silencer.
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