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Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the sixth installment in the Killzone franchise. Released in November of 2013 for North America and Europe, it is the most recent game in the series.

Taking place approximately thirty years after the events of Killzone 3, the Helghast and Vektans must share Vekta after the Terracide, divided only by a vast wall.

Tensions are high, and the cold war they are embroiled in is about to go hot. In the midst of this all stands a Shadow Marshal, you. The most special of the special forces, tasked with maintaining the delicate balance.

From responding to bold attacks, to quiet infiltrations or all out combat, you will be required to adapt and think on your feet as you have to face a variety of escalating events that could destroy your home world.

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Thomas Sinclair - VSA Director
Thomas Sinclair Dossier Photo

Thomas Sinclair is a veteran of the Second Extrasolar War and the head of the VSA. A patriot who hates the Helghast with a passion, he leads secret operations into the other side of the wall against the Helghast. After saving a young man and taking him under his wing, he may soon find that not everyone shares his views on the Helghast..


Slow Reader Slow Reader 18 September 2014

'Statue' MP map and 'Canal' & 'ATAC tower' for Intercept

The new Statue map has been added to Killzone Shadow Fall for free. In addition, players will be given two new maps for Intercept for free (assuming they have the DLC) called 'Canal' and 'ATAC tower'.

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Slow Reader Slow Reader 18 September 2014

Killzone Shadow Fall OST available on iTunes

You can now download the OST for Killaone Shadow Fall for $9,99, £6.99, €7.99 or your regional equivalent. The soundtrack features 18 pieces of music taken from the game.

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