Revive Gun

The Medic's Reviving Device is a medical tool, manufactured by Visari Corporation, that will replace your firearm on screen when equipped. Aim at a downed ally and press the shoot button to fire a beam of light to flow into them, jolting them back to life. They will be revived with a full 100 Heath Points and be invulnerable to enemy fire for 3 seconds while being revived. The beam functions up to 20 meters from a friendly target; any further and nothing will happen when you press the shoot button. Once you have revived a player, there will be a 25-second cool-down period before the Revive Tool can be used again.

Note: The player being revived will experience a short period of animation before regaining control of their character. The direction they face after this animation depends on how their character was lying when they were killed. The game's physics decide this direction, so the Medic and the revived player have no control over it.

Spawn Shield Duration 3 seconds
Health After Reviving 100
Attack Type Beam Weapon
Range 20 meters
Cool-Down Time 25 seconds

Also in the Killzone 2 Multiplayer, the reviving tool can be used as a weapon, aiming at an opponent and holding down the fire button, it fires at a rapid rate without needing to cool down, 4 hits from the weapon is enough to kill a full health opponent.