Helghan Bombardment

The New Sun entering Helghan.

The ISSC New Sun was a ISA Cruiser and the flagship of Battle Group Mandrake that participated in Operation Archangel. It was under the command of Colonel Jan Templar.

Operational HistoryEdit

During the course of the invasion of Helghan, the cruiser was docked over Pyrrhus and was eventually attacked by Helghast forces led by Colonel Mael Radec. Though some of the ship's crew managed to abandon the ship, Templar and weapons researcher Evelyn Batton were killed by Radec, who was searching for the code data for the nuclear weapon Red Dust.

Templar, with the last of his strength, disengaged the ship's thrusters and maneuvers the New Sun to crash directly into the Tharsis Refinery Petrusite grid. The crash caused a massive explosion which effectively destroyed the ship and disabling the Petrusite shield perimeter of Pyrrhus. This last act scattered debris of the ship, such as Exoskeletons, all over the Maelstra Barrens. It was a heroic end for Templar and the New Sun, as it opened the door for ISA forces to invade Visari Palace, and possibly take Scolar Visari prisoner.


  • The New Sun is seen launching with the second wave of cruisers in the cinematic intro of Killzone 2 even though it was part of the third wave leading Battle Group Mandrake. This lead to confusion within this wiki.