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The OWL is an advanced hovering attack drone used exclusively by the Shadow Marshals to give them different kinds of tactical abilities in the field. It attaches itself onto the Shadow Marshal's suit until they give it an order. When damaged, the OWL automatically returns and repairs itself until it receives an order again.


The OWL has four modes that players can access via the PS4 Controller Touch Pad: Attack Mode, Zipline Mode, Stun Mode and Shield Mode.

  • Attack Mode orders the OWL to move to an area and attack anyone within range; alternatively, it can be commanded to attack a single enemy directly.
  • Zipline Mode has the OWL to fire a zipline, allowing the Shadow Marshal to traverse incredibly quickly across difficult to reach areas.
  • Stun Mode has the OWL use up its energy to create an area-of-effect shock blast that turns off all nearby electronics and stuns humanoid enemies within range.
  • Shield Mode creates an energy shield right in front of the Shadow Marshal, allowing bullets/projectiles to pass through from their POV but stopping bullets coming in from the other side.

The OWL can also give an adrenaline injection, which can only happen if the OWL is not on your suit, and hack consoles.




  • According to lead designer Eric Boltjes, the idea for the OWL grew out of a desire to give players more control.[1]
  • Several exclusive OWL skins are available in the PlayStation store. These skins can be used for both multiplayer and single player. Some skins include Pink Zebra, Shark Teeth, Taxi Cab, Red Star, and Race Car.


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