Phantom Talon Corp.
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Killzone: Mercenary
Established 2344
Leader Anders Benoit (formerly)
Oliver Adamska (formerly)
Planet -
Status Active
Purpose PMC
"War Is Our Business."
—Phantom Talon Corp motto

The Phantom Talon Corp. is a private military company. It was founded in 2344 by Anders Benoit and Oliver Adamska.[1]

Background Edit

Phantom Talon Corp was founded on Earth in 2344 by Anders Benoit and Oliver Adamska, both of whom had formerly served as Special Forces operatives in the United Colonial Army. With their close ties to the UCA, they were able to recruit elite ex-soldiers and secure lucrative contracts from the Earth-based authorities.[1] 

The PTC was involved in a number of minor corporate and colonial disputes, especially following the signing of the 2350 trade deal between Helghan and the breakaway colonies of the Independent Colonial Strategic Alliance, which saw tensions grow across the Alpha Centauri system.[1]  

The Company acquired a reputation of ruthless efficiency and a willingness to sell its services to the highest bidder, whether it be government or corporation. This led to tensions between Adamska, a patriot who believed it was PTC's duty to support Earth's interests in any conflict, and Benoit, whose primary motivation was business. Adamska was KIA on assignment in 2348, the circumstances of his death being unclear. Benoit moved quickly to expand and restructure the company, appointing subordinates to run two new affiliates, Skull Knight Enterprises and Eclipse Forces, which were established on different colonies across the systems.[1]  

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

Following the Helghast invasion on Vekta during the outbreak of the Second Extrasolar War, mercenaries were in high demand. Both the ISA and the Helghast were bidding for PTC's mercenaries, though PTC earned a solid reputation with the ISA's commanders for its role in liberating Vekta. 

Over the course of the invasion, Phantom continued to assign mercenaries to both parties. With their affiliated companies, Skull Knight Enterprises (which provided logistical and intelligence support to the Helghan Empire) and Eclipse Forces (who supported anti-UCN rebels and stirred colonial unrest), PTC began their efforts to maximize their profits.[2]

PTC was hired by ISA Admiral Alex Grey to carry out covert operations on Helghan without the authority of the ISA High Command in her search for the Eschaton Virus, which she planned on using it to eradicate the Helghast. Grey was eventually killed by the ex-PTC mercenary Arran Danner, allowing Anders Benoit to carried out his plans to steal the virus for himself and selling it to the highest bidder. However, Danner was able to kill Anders and PTC mercenaries loyal to him, along with destroying the last sample of the virus.

Known members Edit

Known Associates Edit

  • Skull Knight Enterprises
  • Eclipse Forces

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