The Killzone Series is set on two fictional planets so far: Helghan and Vekta, with other planets being mentioned only in the story. With the exception of Helghan, all planets are under the control of the United Colonial Nations.

Solar SystemEdit


With diversity of climate and an abundant variety of life, this was the birthplace of humanity and is the central world of humanity. When it became overpopulated and decimated by warfare, humanity began to explore and colonize new planets. It is the headquarters of the United Colonial Nations.


Only mentioned in the story and settled by humans. It is notable as the producer of Planet Yummy.

Alpha CentauriEdit



Planet Vekta

Vekta is an Earth-like planet consisting of two large continents and is currently under the control of the ISA. It is the closest planet to Helghan. The events of Killzone 1Killzone: Liberation and Killzone: Shadow Fall  take place here.



Planet Helghan

Located in the same star system as Vekta, the planet is home to the Helghast, rich with natural energy sources. The colony's inhabitants originate from Vektan exiles, who suffered ill effects and over many generations adapted to live in the harsh environment, becoming the Helghast. The events of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 take place here.


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Hope is a relatively small planet, located near Vekta. It is roughly the same size as Fortune. It is one of Vekta's moons.


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Fortune is another small planet, located near Vekta. It is another one of Vekta's moons.



Only mentioned in the Killzone timeline on Gyre is described as a water planet with many small islands. It is the nearest ISA-controlled world to Vekta, albiet much less powerful.

Unknown systemEdit


Mentioned by Natko just before Alpha Squad is launched off of the New Sun, it's implied that there may have been some kind of war on Sorin sometime before the ISA's invasion of Helghan.


Presumably an ISA controlled colony that is not directly mentioned in-game, but it appears on advertisements in the Vektan Slums.