"Specialist shotgun that when accurately fired can ignite enemies. Small magazine capacity results in frequent reloads and low levels of reserve ammo."
— Description
STA-12 Inferno Shotgun
Blackjack STA12
Killzone: Mercenary
Type Shotgun
Manufacturer StahlArms mini
Location BlackjackArmories
Alt/Zoom n/a
Power Mid
Rate of fire Low
Accuracy Low
Range Low

The STA-12 Inferno Shotgun is a new shotgun debuting in Killzone: Mercenary.


The StA-12's main gimmick is that it makes use of incendiary rounds. It utilizes a drum magazine with a fairly low ammo count, which will cause you to have to reload rather frequently.

Strategy Edit

In comparison to the two ISA shotguns of the period, the LS13 Shotgun and the LS18 Shredder Shotgun, the StA-12 underperforms in just about every area, and is completely outclassed by both. Unless you are planning to make use of it's gimmick, It is recommended you use the other two instead if you want a normal shotgun.