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Luger, in ISA Shadow Marshal gear of 2357

A Shadow Marshal is the designated term for covert assassins and special operatives employed by the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and the Vektan Security Agency.

ISA Shadow Marshals Edit

The Shadow Marshals are a branch of the ISA Special Forces, much like the Infield Agents, and are feared and loathed throughout the Helghan ranks, as they were possibly responsible for the murders of many prominent Helghast officers. Being cold and calculating, they have no room for the more irrelevant and impulsive emotions, and only think about how to accomplish one mission or the next.

Shadow Marshals are known to don infiltration gear like thermal-vision goggles, black balaclavas, and light armor for maximum mobility. Their armaments include a silenced submachine gun and an expertly wielded combat knife, the latter of which has earned them their gruesome reputation throughout Human space, and left many Helghan Third Army soldiers dead without a sound ever being heard.

VSA Shadow MarshalsEdit

ISA Soldier KZ ShadowFall

Lucas Kellan in VSA Shadow Marshal gear of 2390

Shadow Marshals of the Vektan Security Agency perform very similar roles as their counterparts in the Second Extrasolar War, although now their focus has shifted to preserving the peace rather than weakening other nations. They are few and far between and upon graduating their course, they take an oath to preserve life at any cost. With the use of multipurpose rifles and OWL drones the Shadow Marshal has in 30 years evolved into a small army.

However one VSA Shadow Marshal is enough to take out against all odds much like their ISA counterpart.

Known Shadow MarshalsEdit

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