"Hey! C'mon you two, I ain't got all day. I gotta get home in time to tuck Garza's mom in!"
—Shawn Natko[src]
Shawn Natko
Killzone 2, Killzone 3
Age 29
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Alive
Title Sergeant
Affiliation ISA mini
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Shawn Natko is Alpha Squad's best hand-to-hand fighter and demolitions expert. He appears in the single-player story only in Killzone 2.

Killzone 2Edit

Ironically, it is he who breaks up most of the heated arguments between hot-tempered Rico and the other members of Alpha Squad, serving as something of a friendly mediator despite being depicted as the squad's resident asshole. After the death of Dante Garza, it is Natko who most often acts as the peacemaker between Rico and Sevchenko, trying his best to hold the unit together. The last time Natko is seen in the game is guarding the entrance to Visari's Palace.

Killzone 3Edit

Natko appears in Killzone 3 as the second-player character in the split-screen co-op campaign. In the Jungle mission in co-op Natko is referred to as "Sergeant Natko", a promotion from his previous rank of Corporal. He is not apparent in any cutscenes in either single player or co-op, and is only mentioned during co-op gameplay when needing medical assistance.


Like Rico, he is older than Sev and Garza and comes from a relatively humble background, enlisting with many others when the Helghast first appeared to threaten their way of life. He is an experienced and highly capable soldier with no aspirations to command, having risen through the ranks as high as he would wish to go. Natko has no qualms about killing anyone who aims a weapon at him, but does not share Rico’s extreme hatred of the Helghast. Foul-mouthed and a frequent complainer, Natko is most comfortable when he’s bitching about something.


Natko's weapon of choice is the LS13 semi-automatic Shotgun, which he uses with deadly efficiency on the battlefield. At the end of Killzone 2 during the assault on Visari's Palace Natko single-handedly guards the front entrance while Sev and Rico fight Radec and Visari's personal guard inside.


  • According to Jean Bart van Beek, Natko does not appear in Killzone 3 because: "No, actually, Nakto is missing because we wanted to make a story with fewer characters, to focus on those who remain." this information was never conveyed to the general public and was only published in an interview in a strategy guide. It is unknown why they did not simply answer this question publicly upon Killzone 3's release.