"A solid performer in close to mid-range encounters, this gun features moderate fire rate, recoil, mag size, and damage output."
—Killzone.com Description
StA-11 Submachine Gun
Blackjack STA11.png
Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone: Mercenary
Type Submachine Gun
Manufacturer StahlArms mini.png
Location BlackjackArmories.png, Blood Meridian
Alt/Zoom -
Power Mid
Rate of fire Mid
Accuracy Mid
Range Mid

The StA-11 Submachine Gun is a Helghast Submachine Gun that debuted in Killzone 2.

Design[edit | edit source]

Killzone 2[edit | edit source]

It has a cylindrical magazine that holds 48 rounds of the 9.2 x 20 mm cartridge, with a max-carry limit of 384, or 8 magazines. It has a high rate of fire and low recoil, which compensates for the low damage. Only downside is that the player must reload often in order to avoid being caught with an empty mag.

Firing from the hip is very effective at short range, though shouldering the weapon makes it dangerous at medium range as well. Interestingly, shouldering the weapon does not slow the player's movement speed as it does with all other weapons, although it does limit turnspeed slightly.

Killzone 3[edit | edit source]

In Killzone 3, the StA-11 SMG appears largely unaltered, although its stopping power has been slightly increased. In the single player campaign, the SMG deals twice as much damage as an assault rifle at point blank range, and an equal amount of damage as an assault rifle at normal range.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The StA-11 SMG closely resembles both the real-world Russian made PP-19 Bizon, including the latter's high-capacity helical magazine, and the IMI Uzi, including the front sight and the open-bolt design. The rear iron sight group resembles a downsized version of the Belgian FN M249's.
  • It seems to eject two shells whenever it is fired, even when you fire just a single shot.
  • It fires the 9.2 x 20 round fired by the StA-18 pistol. This is similar to real world submachine guns that fire 9mm parabellum rounds fired by most pistols.
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