Jetpack KZ3

The Jetpack in Killzone 3.

The Jetpack is a new feature in Killzone 3. In multiplayer, the Jetpack can be found in areas of a few maps. In singleplayer, the Jetpack can be used during half of the mission "Icy Incursion". Sev first uses it to take down the AA gun which prevents Rico and his Raiders from destroying a rig; then he destroys a second rig himself because the AA is out of reach. When he needs to escape that rig (he planted two charges of explosives and set a countdown of 4 minutes), there is a shrapnel which blocks one of the Jetpack's "wings", causing Sev to have to get rid of it. He landed rather safely, while the Jetpack crashes against a wall and explodes. Even though it isn't necessary to complete the mission, but there is a second Jetpack at the end of "Stahl Arms Infiltration". The Jetpack is used quite frequently by Jetpack Troopers throughout the campaign. Getting off the second rig within 2 minutes gets the player the "Quick Exit" trophy.

The Jetpack cannot be found in any of the Botzone maps. One Multiplayer Map that has Jetpack is "Turbine Concourse SE-6". They are located at most of the spawn points. In the Steel Rain map pack the map MP-09 Junkyard, jetpacks face off against exo-skeletons. The Jetpack has a heavy machine-gun. The Jetpack can boost into the air (with L1) and slowly float down if you hold the same button you can also speed bost by pressing the x button while still in the air. The machine gun will rip anyone apart Helghast or ISA, offline or online. The Jetpack Troopers in campaign are first introduced in Icy Incursion and show up various other times in campaign such as in Stahl Arms. They are deadly in swarms but are easily picked off with a StA-16 minigun.

The jetpack will not be in the multiplayer of Killzone: Shadow Fall initially, in order to ensure that custom Warzone presets work on all maps.[1]


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