BLR-06 Hadra MRL
Kzsf in 2013-07-03 StA-55 01
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Type Assault Rifle
Manufacturer StahlArms mini
Location Black Hand Operative, Black Hand Heavy
Alt/Zoom n/a
Power Mid
Rate of fire Mid
Accuracy Mid
Range Mid

The StA409 Keyzer is a Helghast weapon featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is the successor to the StA-52 Assault Rifle seen in previous games, and the new standard rifle for Helghast forces. Originally designated the StA55 in pre-release demos and screenshots, the Keyzer has taken design inspiration from the real world G36, MTAR, and FAMAS.


The StA409 continues with Helghast weapon design tradition, favouring volume of fire over accuracy with a high rate of fire. While the Keyzer features a smaller magazine than its previous incarnation, it is also vastly improved in terms of recoil and bullet spread. The new motorized drum magazine also allows for a faster reload, since the magazine lock will automatically move into place when the magazine is pushed in.

The StA409 can be equipped with the usual array of weapon sights, including the Holographic sight and the ACOG, whilst coming with a red Dot-Laser as standard. The StA409 comes equipped with a vertical fore-grip as standard, although an underslung shotgun, as well as an underslung grenade launcher will become available for use once unlocked. In the campaign it can be found with the E-Stun Missile attachment.