Stinger Aircraft
Killzone: Mercenary
Type Patrol Aircraft
Affiliation HGH mini
Weapons Two side-mounted missile launchers

The Stinger is an airborne patrol craft use by the Helghast police force, mainly use to patrol and even attack hostile forces.


The Stinger is a fast and highly maneuverable short-range patrol aircraft due to its lightweight design and multiple, independently articulated wings and stability flaps. The craft's rocket thrusters are complemented by two rotational Petrusite canisters which provide a powerful anti-gravity lift. This allows the Stinger to swoop and hover close to land so that the officers on board can dismount and engage targets.[1]

The Stinger is equipped with two side-mounted missile launchers which can be deployed air-to-air or air-to-ground. However, the craft's unique offensive capability stems mainly from its suspended underside seating, from which two officers enjoy 360-degree visibility and a clear line of fire to ground targets. Due to its versatile characteristics it was made an ideal asset for law enforcement scenarios in urban and industrial settings.[1]

However, due to the light armor, low weight, and highly exposed seating for its passengers, the Stinger is vulnerable to certain forms of attack including heavy weapons fire and explosive attacks. As a result, the Stinger is restricted from heavily militarized combat scenarios.[1]



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