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"The meaning? The meaning of it is, you lose."
—Stuart Adams[src]
Stuart Adams
Age -
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Deceased
Title Lieutenant General
Affiliation HGH mini

Lieutenant General Stuart Adams was an officer of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and was in charge of the Vektan SD weapons platform during the outbreak of the Second Extrasolar War.


Stuart Adams was born on Vekta during the 24th century. At some point in his life he joined the ISA. He proved to be a capable soldier and eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant General.

Adams was put in charge of the SD weapons platform above Vekta. Unknown to his superiors, Adams covertly made contact with Autarch Scolar Visari of the Helghan Empire, and was convinced by the Autarch to join the Helghast after being showed visions of power, and the dreams of the Helghast. Adams also turn his colleague, General Dwight Stratson, to the Helghast, and the two were secretly in contact with one another, and stayed in contact with the Helghast through General Armin Metrac.

In 2357, Visari finally made plans to invade Vekta. The Helghast Third Army, led by General Joseph Lente, would invade Vekta. Adams would disable the SD platform so that the Helghast could conquer the planet unhindered from orbit (with the help of Stratson, who would lead ISA forces away from the cities).

Adams would then reactivate the platform in time to destroy any ISA reinforcements sent from Earth. He also tried to have Captain Jan Templar killed as he was a promising soldier who could hinder their plans. One of his men (or even him) tried to kill Templar with an M82 Assault Rifle, taken from the weapons platform during a training exercise. The culprit was never discovered, although it raised a lot of questions among the ISA, who believed the culprit to be a Helghast sympathizer.


In August, the Helghast fleet starts its invasion of Vekta. Adams ordered the Space Defense Platforms to fire at them, but in reality allows them to pass unhindered using the excuse of a weapons malfunction. As the Helghast rampage through the ISA defenses, Adams waits impatiently for General Bradley Vaughton, who had the other access key to reactivate the platform.

He even threatens a worker who tells him that Vaughton has gone missing on the planet below. Vaughton finally reappears and takes a shuttle up to the platform. Adams greets him as he arrives and the two activate the weapons back online. Suddenly General Lente and a squad of soldiers enter the room and surround Vaughton. When asked what the meaning of this is, Adams simply replies, "The meaning? The meaning of it is, you lose." Adams then orders a Helghast soldier to kill Vaughton.

The Helghast took control of the platform, although the workers seem to accept this, and Adams fires the platform on the Fortress. Adams betrayal is discovered by a team of soldiers, led by Captain Jan Templar, who decided to find a way to reach Adams and stop him from destroying the United Colonial Army fleet.

While waiting for the UCA to arrive, Adams was informed about Templar's activities (such as destroying a code 3-3 fire base). He then informs the ISA that Vaughton was a traitor and tried to take over the platform, and that Templar's team was on his side. He then sets up a trap by having a beacon be placed in a Helghast base and have Templar's team think it is him.

The plan fails and the team manage to kill the Helghast company, much to Adams' anger and dismay. Lente decides to go down to the planet and kill them himself and implies that Visari will lose favor for Adams. One of his workers later informs Adams that Templar's team has managed to cut off supplies to the Helghast, blow up a bridge over a vital supply route, and presumably destroyed a Helghast platoon.

Adams loses it and smashes the worker's head repeatedly onto a table until he dies. After he hears about Lente's death, Adams is slightly pleased that Lente could not stop them either, but realizes that they will likely reach him soon and kill him, so he doubles the guard in anticipation. Eventually the UCA arrives and Adams destroys one of the ships with the platform's defenses. The fleet was shocked but retaliated quickly by bombarding the station.

While talking to a Helghast soldier in a large dome on the bridge, a member of the team (canonically it is likely Templar) arrives and shoots the Helghast soldier. Adams sees that the team has infiltrated the platform to stop him. Adams begins ranting about the "visions" Visari has shown him, and how the Helghast will never give up. He says that he knows he cannot stop the earth fleet now and claims that his death will not solve anything, and that the Helghast cannot be stopped and Vekta doesn't stand a chance. A large group of ISA soldiers suddenly arrive and Adams makes a run for it. Templar catches up with him and Adams tries to kill him, but is shot and wounded.

The platform breaks up and Templar's team escapes before it is destroyed. Adams tries to crawl away but his legs are crushed by some falling debris, and he meets his end straight after from more falling debris.

Killzone: LiberationEdit

Adams is briefly mentioned when Dwight Stratson reveals himself to be his accomplice.

Characteristics Edit

I run the damn things

Do I look like I need a lecture on the technical specs? NO BECAUSE I RUN THE DAMN THINGS

Stuart Adams is shown as an overall bad man in Killzone. From the moment of his first cutscene, he exudes a malevolent presence about him. Even before he reveals his treachery, he acts devious and a little creepy.

He threatens one of the platform workers who gives him disappointing news about General Vaughton. He asks him does he believe in God, and tells him that whatever thing he prays to, pray that General Vaughton reappears, leaving the worker quite shocked due to his tone. When he betrays General Vaughton, he shows no remorse for what he has done and seems to enjoy this with a sadistic grin.

He seems to have a dislike of General Lente, who constantly insults him for being non-Helghast. Adams tries to stop Templar and his team, but fails, much to his surprise. He is quite pleased when Lente is killed however.

Over the course of the game, he seems to be getting ever more insane and paranoid, due to Templar embarrassing his efforts in front of the Helghast. When the same platform worker tells him that Templar's team managed to cause absolute havoc on some Helghast forces, Adams loses it, and brutally murders the worker for not telling him what he wants to hear. He seems to accept his fate when Templar arrives, merely ranting that killing him will not save Vekta.

It is unknown what turned him to the Helghast, but most likely it was because he felt sympathy for them as he believes the ISA to be corrupt that he even denies himself as a traitor. Adams must have been an accomplished soldier and/or leader to have been in such a high rank and have a position as the leader of the SD platforms. He has some combat skills as can be seen when he tries to kill Templar's team. Templar calls him a murderer, traitor and a coward, which makes Adams become more paranoid, as he has been shunned by the Helghast as well. He claims that there is never any sympathy or remorse for the traitor.

Description Edit

Adams has long, almost dreadlock-like hair and a small goatee. He has striking and menacing facial features. He wears a gray and green uniform unlike any ISA outfit seen in the series. It seems to have to do with his position and that the SD platform crew have likely a different uniform. His uniform is somewhat decorated, and has areas of dark brown stripes on the uniform, namely the shoulders which symbolise some kind of leadership and authority and he has a red band around his left arm. His voice sounds quite sadistic and evil.


Trivia Edit

  • Its hard to notice for some at first but you actually fight Adams at the end of the game. When you are about to escape the ship and there are still some Helghast left, Adams can be seen with elite Helghast soldiers shooting at you. He goes down pretty quickly and after they are all dead the game is over.
  • Even though he doesn't appear to be wearing armor, General Adams is roughly as durable as one of his own Helghast Bodyguards, requiring up to 20 rounds of M82 Assault Rifle fire to bring down. Despite being Vektan military, he wields a Helghast StA-52 Assault Rifle in combat.
  • In Killzone HD, there is an achievement/trophy for killing him with a hand grenade.
  • He is voiced by Ronny Cox.
  • Even before it is officially revealed that he is a traitor, it is strongly hinted that he is in the way he talks to his technician in the cutscene after the second mission is completed