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"So yeah, Natko's right. We're fucked either way. But when has that ever stopped us before?"
―Tomas Sevchenko[src]

Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko is second in command of Alpha Squad by rank. He is the main protagonist and playable character in Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.


Born on 2333 to a solid, respectable family in the northern city of Vekta, Sev enlisted in the army against his parents’ wishes, seeing it as his duty to defend the homeland. His powerful idealism acquired a raw personal edge when members of his own family suffered during the Helghast invasion, an incident which caused Sev to take up arms again and still plagues him with nightmares.

Younger and less experienced than the veterans Rico and Natko, he makes up for this by being a superb technical soldier, having distinguished himself in service as courageous, intelligent and highly resourceful. This caught the eye of Jan Templar, who saw something of himself in Sev and followed his rise through the ranks, until a fatality in Alpha opened up the position of second-in-command to Rico.

Killzone 2[]

Sev in Killzone 2

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Sev and Alpha Squad participated in the ISA invasion of the Helghast capital city of Pyrrhus in Operation Archangel. Sev and his squad land at the Corinth River, assisting ISA forces through the city and helping Captain Narville's Avenger Convoy in pushing their way into Visari Square. However, the ISA assault was stopped by the Helghast's Arc Towers.

Sev and Alpha Squad along with Dr. Evelyn Batton later traveled to the wastelands south of Pyrrhus in finding the energy source, Petrusite, that are powering the Arc Towers. He and Rico split up to activate communication with the New Sun and trying to find a missing ISA scout team that were last seen in the area. Eventually, they found the scout team having been killed by the Helghast. After establishing the uplink with the New Sun, the rest of Alpha Squad and Batton were captured, forcing Sev and Rico chase after their captors to the Tharsis Refinery. There, they discovered the schematics for the Petrusite distribution system and a central grid somewhere in the wastelands. The two soon found their comrades being interrogated by Colonel Radec. Sev tried to plan to outflank Radec and his guards, but a very impatient Rico charged in and attacked, and indirectly causing Garza to be mortally wounded in the crossfire.

After Radec was forced to retreat, Sev was unable to save Garza who died in Sev's arms. Sev and his remaining squad returned to the New Sun and mourn over Garza's death. When Rico tried to comfort Sev, who instead acidly rejected his teammate's sympathies and venomously blames him for Garza's demise. Garza's funeral is soon interrupted by a Helghast counterattack on the flagship and its escorts. Sev and Alpha hold off Helghast boarders until finally abandoning ship but not before learning that Templar has been killed by Radec. Sev and his comrades then witnessed Templar's final act in crashing the New Sun into the Petrusite grid, shutting down the Arc Towers in Pyrrhus.

They land near the New Sun's crash site in the Maelstra Barrens before rendezvousing with Captain Narville, who is preparing his forces to renew their advance into Pyrrhus. Just then, Sev and the others witnessed the detonation of the Red Dust nuclear warhead on Pyrrhus, significantly wiping out much of the ISA forces and Helghast in the city. Despite the losses, Sev and his teammates continued in their assault on Pyrrhus. After fighting their way through the city and eventually reaching Visari Palace, Sev and along with Rico head inside the palace where they confronted and defeated Radec and Visari's Honor Guards. Thereafter, they entered Visari's main chambers, where they attempt to arrest Visari. When Visari goes into a rant by claiming that the ISA have not won the war, Sev was prepared to arrest Visari but only for Rico to suddenly kill the Autarch much to Sev's shock and horror.

With Visari dead, Sev is overwhelmed by the failure to take in Visari after so many lives were wasted in the invasion, and exited the palace, ignoring Narville's demands of what had happened on the way. Outside, Sev sat on the palace's steps to witness the arrival of the Helghast First Army that is preparing to wipe out the remains of the ISA invasion force.

Killzone 3[]

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Sev in Killzone 3.

Sev and what is the left of the ISA forces attempted to escape from Helghan, but only to be stranded. Sev was separated from Rico during the chaos and went into hiding with Captain Narville.

For the next six months, Sev had been helping Narville and their men in avoiding the Helghast, and trying to reestablished communication with Vekta. After establishing communication with ISA command, their transmission is intercepted by the Helghast under Jorhan Stahl and Sev was captured. Fortunately, Sev is rescued by Rico and his "Raiders". Reunited with Rico, Sev and the Raiders went to rescue Narville and the other prisoners at Stahl Arms Deep South, where he and Rico infiltrated the facility by disguising themselves in Helghast uniforms. After rescuing the prisoners, Sev and the others learned about Stahl's plans for his invasion of Earth by scorching the UCN capital planet with irradiated Petrusite weaponry.

Sev helped the ISA remnants in their escape from Helghan and warned the ISA of the attack by traveling to the space elevator and hijacking a ship. But they came under attack by a Helghast assault mech, a MAWLR. Though Sev and the others managed to destroy it, many ISA soldiers were killed and leaving only 60 soldiers remaining. When Narville expressed the futility of their escape, Sev gave an inspirational speech to everyone not to give up and to continuing in their escape.

The ISA soon succeed in accessing the elevator and taking a ship. Sev along with Rico and Jammer hijacked Striker Fighters in attacking Stahl's flagship, the Khage, from warping to Earth. Sev destroyed Khage's warp coil, destroying the flagship and indirectly releasing its Petrusite arsenal on Helghan, violently irradiating the planet.

Despite stopping Stahl's plan to destroy Earth, Sev was left horrified of the destruction brought to Helghan and commenting on how many people were killed as a result of their actions. Sev and his comrades then began their journey home to Vekta.

Killzone Shadow Fall[]

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Sev labeled a war criminal after stopping Stahl's attempt to exterminate Earth.

After returning to Vekta, Sev along with Rico both went into hiding due to the surviving Helghast being aware of their involvement in the Terracide and holding them responsible for the destruction of their world. The ISA officially claimed that the two men are "missing in action" and denying having any information on their whereabouts. Sev has since became a wanted fugitive by the vengeful Helghast.

In Killzone Shadow Fall, in multiplayer, there is a player icon of Tomas Sevchenko, entitling him as "The Hero".


Killzone 3, Cutscenes[]

A New Beginning[]

Show: Stahl's Execution

HAZMAT Trooper: "Are you guys the executioners? Right over there."
Stahl: "And I know what this nation needs. And I will cut out this disease of compliance and subjugation. So to honor Visari, tomorrow we launch the greatest military campaign in our history. And to celebrate that I will give you justice... revenge... and the death of his killers!"
(Sev aims the weapon at Stahl)
Stahl: "What?"
(Sev removes his Helghast facemask)
Stahl: "You!"
Sev: "Yeah. Me."

Evacuation Orders[]

Show: Palace Evac

Rico: "Sev! Sev! Are you okay?"
Sev: "No, Rico. I am not 'okay'! We had the guy. We had him. And you killed him! You killed Visari!"
(Cuts to Visari's corpse)
Narville: "Yes Sir... across the river..."
ISA medic: "Clear!"
Narville: "Can do. Absolutely. Of course General. Tell me he's doing better than he looks."
ISA medic: "I'm calling it. Time of death is 21:20 hours."
Narville: "Oh, this is just perfect. Just goddamn perfect. Troops, listen up! We are mobile in five, so pack up your shit. Delta! You know the drill! Hooper, wheels, ASAP. Where the hell are Velasquez and Sevchenko?"
(Cuts back to Sev)
Rico: "Look, Sev. I just did what had to be done."
Narville: "And I will make damn well sure he gets court-martialed six ways to Sunday for it."
Sev: "Captain..."
Narville: "Sergeant Sevchenko. Sergeant Velasquez. Command's pulling the plug. They want us to execute an emergency exit scenario. We're pulling every soldier off this planet."
Sev: "We're retreating?"
Rico: "I ain't leaving. This war isn't even half finished. What is this bullshit?!!"
Narville: "Oh, no. This is NOT how this is going to go down. You insubordinate son of a bitch. I should just fast-track that court-martial and have both of you shot. Now, you shut your trap and you listen to me. Is that understood? Is that understood?!"
Rico: "Yes, sir..."
Narville: "Sergeant Velasquez! Are you too stupid to follow a direct order to shut the fuck up?"
Sev: "Captain."
Narville: "Okay. Listen up. Intel has an advanced Helghast cruiser fleet zeroing in on our position. The General wants us en route before they show their faces. The best chance we have is to cut through the Visari district and cross the Corinth river. From there it's due East to the extraction point, which is a crater the size of Kansas somewhere underneath that mushroom cloud. We've got one shot at this. So we're doing this strictly by the numbers."
(Hooper arrives with transport)
Narville: "Nice job Hooper. We don't have a lot of these babies. But they're our best bet against whatever the Higs are going to put in our way."
(Sounds of lightning)
Rico: "What the hell is that?"
(A Helghast cruiser flies overhead, firing at the convoy, killing soldiers and destroying armor)
Narville: "We need to Evac NOW! Sev! I need you to carve us a a safe corridor. Move! Move!! Move!!!"
(While driving, Helghast forces attack the evacuating troops)
Rico: "At WHAT?"
(A Helghast tank shows up)
Sev: "Where the hell did THAT come from?!"
(Their vehicle gets pushed off the road, but stops just before it falls off a cliff)
Sev: "Yeah."
Rico: "Hell yeah."
(Vehicle still falls down)
Rico: "Sev! Sev, you okay?"
Sev: "Yeah! You see anyone else?"
Rico: "Maybe that way..."

Show: Reflection

Sev: "Oh man..."
Rico: "Who nukes their own city?"
Sev: "I don't see Narville."
Rico: "River's that way. That's where he said we gotta cross."
Sev: "Yep. Just hope everybody makes it this time."
Rico: "Listen, Sev... about Visari... I..."
Sev: "Forget it. I wanted to shoot him too."
Rico: "But you didn't."
Sev: "No. But that's because I'm not a jackass."

Show: Irradiated Petrusite

(Sev and Rico watch as Helghast collect irradiated Petrusite)
Helghast: "Be careful."
Rico: "Let's get down there."
Sev: "That's not our objective, Rico we gotta stick to Narville's orders this time."
(Rico puts his hand in some of the Petrusite)
Rico: "What the hell is this stuff?"

Show: Reunited with Narville

Narville: "Verify those coordinates and we'll be fine. You're doing a good job son. Alright, get on it and get back to me. Sevchenko. Glad you could join us. Velasquez."
Sev: "Is this everybody?"
Narville: "The damn convoy's scattered all down the river. We're pushing through so we can secure the crater for the evac."
Sev: "That's not such a good idea. The thinner we spread ourselves out, the easier it'll be for the Helghast to pick us off."
Rico: "Yeah, good point. Sir, with all due respect. I'd like to suggest..."
(Rico gets cut off by Narville)
Narville: "I think I made it VERY clear that I don't want to hear a SINGLE WORD out of your mouth. Sev, take Velasquez and his mouth out of my face. I need the two of you on point. We're going to use the EXO to clear the route."
Sev: "Yes, sir."
Narville: "Pick up your feet, people! The closer we are to that crater the closer we are to home."
Sev: "Try not to think about it."
Narville: "Sev, get that EXO moving!"

Show: Scattered Convoy

Narville: "Yes, sir. Understood. Our cruiser've got company. They're tracking more than a dozen Helghast battleships."
Sev: "Twelve?! How long can they hold out?"
Narville: "Pray it's long enough... It's gonna be open season on our cruisers if we don't get there in time."
Sev: "Sir, the rest of the convoy's scattered all over town."
Narville: "I'm fully aware of the location of my troops, sergeant, but we can't afford any more hold-ups. Sevchenko, we need a route to that crater now, or none of us are leaving. You've got the HAMRs. When you see Helghast armor, you punch right into it. We'll ram us a route back home. As long as everyone follows orders, we'll be fine. Let's move like we mean it! Time's running out!"

Show: Pinned Down

ISA: "Come forward!"
(Helghast fire at the ISA)
ISA 2: "No way. No way, man."
Sev: "What are you doing? You gotta keep moving."
ISA 2: "Captain Narville says we gotta take out that Arc Cannon, but those machine guns are tearing us apart. We don't have enough men."
Sev: "Alright, I'm gonna get to higher ground and take out the machine guns. If I give you covering fire, you think you can get these guys to move forward?"
Rico: "Got it. Hey. What's your name?"
ISA 2: "Gutmann."
Rico: "You stick with me, alright?"
ISA 2: "Yeah."

Show: Sniper Sev

Sev: "Rico. I'm at your 10."
Rico: "We can't get to the Arc Cannons. Take out those machine guns!"

Show: Arc Cannon Destroyed

Sev: "Head for the extraction point. Rico and I will follow in the HAMRs."
Jammer: "We need assistance. I repeat. Mayday. This is Jammer. Over. Can anyone hear us?"
Rico: "My name is Sergeant Velasquez. I can hear you. Over."
Jammer: "Oh, thank god. We're in quadrant 4-4-1. We've been cut off and need assistance."
Rico: "Alright, stay calm, Jammer. Send me your exact coordinates and we'll come get you."
Narville: "That's a negative, Velasquez! Jammer, hang tight. Intruders are on their way. You have your orders, Velasquez. Stick to the plan and clear the path to the extraction point. NOW!"
(MAWLR arrives near Sev and Rico, crushing their HAMR and firing at an ISA cruiser)
Cruiser ISA: "Dispersive armor is holding."
Cruiser Captain: "Captain Narville, we can't hold our position much longer. If you're going to get here, do it fast."
(Back at Sev and Rico)
Sev: "We're gonna need new transport. Come on. Get to your evac posts."

Show: Rico's Orders

Jammer: "Captain Narville, this is Jammer. Do you read? Our platoon is pinned down by heavy enemy fire. Captain Narville, we can't stay here. Where are those Intruders?"
Narville: "This is Narville. I'm sorry. If they didn't make it... There's no-one else I can send."
Rico: "I'll go."
Narville: "Velasquez. Stick to your orders!"
Rico: "Fuck your orders. I didn't come here to run from the Helghast. I don't leave people behind. Hold on, Jammer. I'm coming."
Sev: "Rico...! I get it but we don't have time."
Rico: "I gotta do this man. I'll meet you at the extraction point."
Sev: "Hell no. I'm with you."
Rico: "This was on me buddy. Besides you gotta tell Narville to wait, okay?"

Show: The Evacuation

(MAWLR fires at ISA cruiser)
Cruiser Captain: "Damage report."
Cruiser ISA: "That last blast took out all electronics on G deck. Rerouting system."
Cruiser Captain: "What about the other cruisers?"
Cruiser ISA 2: "The Dauntless reports minor damage. And the Arcturus has safely reached orbit."
Cruiser Captain: "Thank god. Looks like we're going home."
(MAWLR fires at another ISA cruiser)
Cruiser Captain: "Tell Narville he has to move NOW!"
(At the evac site)
Narville: "Goddamn, this isn't a drill! Get to your transports! MOVE! Sevchenko! Give me your hand! Where the hell is Rico!?"
Sev: "I don't know!"
(Intruder lifts off)
Sev: "No, No wait! What about Rico?"
Narville: "I'm sorry Sev."
(Back on the ground)
Rico: "Hey! Hey, Narville!"
Sev: "There's Rico!"
Rico: "Hey!!!"
(ISA cruiser crashes down)
Narville: "Nearly there! This is Captain Narville contacting all surviving personnel. Retreat to emergency fallback locations. I repeat. Emergency protocol five-niner-echo is in effect. God help us."

Six Months On[]

Show: Bandit Recon

Kowalski: "Sarge! Sir, Bandit Recon missed their last check in. It was two hours ago."
(When approaching Narville after the Hooper cutscene)
Sev: "Captain Narville."
Narville: "Sergeant...please, tell me something good. What's the news on the evacuation transports from Earth?"
Sev: "Bandit Recon is gone. We've lost the radio uplink to Earth Command."
Narville: "Tell me it's not the Helghast."
Kowalski: "If it is, they're using some kind of new comm signal. We're not picking up anything. Not them, not Earth."
Sev: "They're gonna find us, it's just a matter of time. We gotta keep moving."
Narville: "Listen, we stay put until Earth Fleet arrives. Like you said, it's only a matter of time. Until then, get that radio uplink working. Go on! Sev, you know the uplink is our only chance to get outta here."
Sev: "Yes, sir. I know."

Show: Capture Trooper

Kowalski: "Did you hear that?"
Sev: "Look!"
(A Helghast Capture Trooper rushes at an ISA soldier, stabbing him and loading him on a dropship)
Sev: "No. Look. Look. There's too many."
Kowalski: "Now we know what happened to the Recon Team."

Show: Downed Cruiser

Kowalski: "Oh my god."
Sev: "Captain Narville, this is Sevchenko. Come in."
Narville: "Speak to me soldier. Do you have a visual on the uplink?"
Sev: "Yeah, I see it alright. Sir, there's a massive military buildup here. They're obviously not here for a downed cruiser. You need to evacuate the camp immediately."
Narville: "Sergeant, please don't make me repeat myself. It's beyond god damn necessary that I have that uplink."
Sev: "Yes sir. Can do. Kowalski. I'll deal with the uplink. You get back to base. Convince Narville to get everybody out of there."
Kowalski: "Yes sir!"

Show: Earth Uplink

System: "Earth uplink lima. Verify command code."
Sev: "Come on you piece of crap."
(Uplink starts)
Narville: "General, thank god. Sir, the Highs are knocking at our door. Can the fleet still find us if we have to move?"
UCA General: "Captain, listen to me. As of last night, the Vektan Colonial Government has capitulated. All hostilities will cease immediately."
Narville: "What are you talking about?"
UCA General: "The war is over, Captain. You and your men will have to surrender to the Helghast forces so we can negotiate your release as prisoners of war."
Narville: "Forgive me, General, but are you out of your mind? This is the Helghast we're talking about. You have NO idea what they do to their prisoners!"
UCA General: "Those are your orders, Captain. Stand down and surrender."
Narville: "God damn it!"
Sev: "Captain! They've picked up your signal! You need to stop this transmission right now-- Sir, two dropships are headed toward you, get the hell out of there. Captain, you can't surrender. Tell me you're not going to surrender!"

Show: Retreat

Sev: "Captain Narville, do you read?"
Narville: "Little busy right now, sergeant!"
Sev: "Okay. Okay. Hold on. I'm on my way."
Narville: "Negative! We're evacuating. The base is overrun. Proceed to the rendezvous."
Sev: "Sorry, sir. Not a chance."
Narville: "Sevchenko, you stubborn son of a bitch."
Sev: "Double-time it, Sev."

Icy Incursion[]

Show: Sev's Transport

Helghast: "Vigilant Base, this is Vulture Niner. We are heading inbound for Stahl Arms Deep South. Transporting suspected targets killer two and three, over."
Vigilant Base: "Vulture Niner, you are clear for priority approach. Correct your bearing to 3-30."
(Aboard the dropship)
Sev: "Your King went down like a pussy!"
(Soldier attempts to punch Sev, but is stopped by another soldier)
Sev: "Whoa Soldier! Relax, man."
Helghast: "You touch him and Stahl's gonna kill us both."
Sev: "Ohh, that sounds bad."
Helghast 2: "You shut your mouth."
Sev: "All I was saying was that Visari died crying like a little bitch. And if you can't handle the facts..."
(Soldier punches Sev, Sev draws his knife and stabs him in the leg)
Helghast: "Stop it! ENOUGH!"
Helghast 2: "Okay... I'm alright..."
Sev: "Pussy."
Helghast 2: "Waddya say scum!?!"
(Soldier attempts to stab Sev, but is hit by a harpoon and dragged out the dropship)
(Rico kills the other soldier and saves Sev)
Sev: "Rico!"
Rico: "Got you!"
Sev: "You're only six months late!"
(Sev falls out of the dropship onto Rico's Intruder)
Rico: "Sev! Sev! You all right?"
Raider: "We lost Narville's dropship."
Rico: "Damn it. This is Raider Command! Listen up Raiders pack it in, we are Oscar Mike back to base!"
Sev: "Wait... wait... We gotta get Narville."
Rico: "Relax, it's ok."
Sev: "No! We gotta go get him."
Rico: "Sev. We barely got you. We don't have the firepower to --"
(Rico gets cut off)
Sev: "I'm not leaving him behind, Rico. Now god damn it, if you're not going to help me, gimme a gun and drop me off. I don't care."
Rico: "All right, take your damn position. Raider Command all Raiders, change of plans. We're goin' after Narville."
Raider 1: "With all due respect Sir, that is a bad plan."
Rico: "Copy that Raider 1, but we're doin' this! Everybody buckle up!"

Stahl Arms Infiltration[]

Show: Visari's Revenge

HAZMAT Trooper: "Are you guys the executioners? Right over there."
Stahl: "Captain Narville. Do you know who I am?"
(Narville does not answer)
Stahl: "Typical."
(Stahl executes a prisoner)
Narville: "We are prisoners of war! We have rights! You just violated the Stockholm Treaty!"
Stahl: "Stockholm? What planet do you think you're on?"
(Cameras are being turend on)
Stahl: "Show time!"
Helghast: "We go live in 3, 2..."
Stahl: "Good Day my fellow Helghans. I am Jorhan Stahl. This is something of a rarity for me because speeches are not my forte. But honesty is. I believe what I have to say today you will find very refreshing. My father and Visari, both great leaders. They built this country from nothing. Using sharp minds committed to our future. Together they built a nation. Visari gave us purpose and hope. My father's factory gave us the most powerful army... ...the universe has ever known! But our army has failed us! They have allowed themselves to grow fat, lazy and careless. But that... changes today. A time has come for some new fucking management. And I know what this nation needs. And I will cut out this disease of compliance and subjugation. So to honor Visari, tomorrow we launch the greatest military campaign in our history. And to celebrate that I will give you justice... revenge... and the death of his killers!"
(Sev turns on Stahl)
Stahl: "What?"
(Sev takes off his helmet)
Stahl: "You!"
Sev: "Yeah. Me."
(Sev fires at Stahl, but misses, killing some soldiers and destroying the camera)
Stahl: "Move!"
(At the Helghast High Council)
Orlock: "This is an outrage!"
(Back at Stahl Narville gets untied)
Narville: "Rico! You're alive!"
Rico: "No thanks to you."
Narville: "What!?"
Rico: "Go help Sev."

Show: Vekta's White Flag

Narville: "Stay sharp. They're not going to give up the other prisoners withotu a fight."
Sev: "Sir. That speech... That didn't sound like they're planning to honour our white flag?"
Rico: "Our what?"
Sev: "They're up to something. Look, we saw this computer mainframe with..."
(Sev gets cut off by Narville)
Narville: "Sevchenko, this is not the time or the place."
Rico: "Wait a second. Our white what?"
Sev: "Vekta capitulated last night."
Narville: "The General ordered the immediate surrender of all ISA forces."
Rico: "Surrender?? I gess you were just going to follow those orders?"
Narville: "If it meant saving the lives of my men and getting them home... Yes, Sergeant, I would have."
Sev: "Respectfully, Sir. But depending on their plans we might not have a home to go back to. I just need a couple of minutes."
Narville: "Okay. Make damn sure it's only a couple of minutes. Take Velasquez with you."
Sev: "Sorry, man. It slipped my mind."



  • His name implies that he is of Eastern Slavic descent.
  • His ISA Service Number is 021-332-3390-99
  • Sev shows skills in computer technology when he fixes the communications in the Kaznan Jungle and when he uses the computer in Stahl's facility.
  • For some reason in Killzone 2, when in the first person point of view, Sev seems to be shorter than any other character in the game. This is likely due to the fact that the camera places itself below the character's head.
  • RicoHooper and Sev seem to understand the Helghan alphabet. As elite special forces, it is likely they studied the language before taking part in the invasion of Helghan. Their knowledge was likely bolstered during the six months they spent surviving on the planet following the ISA's failed evacuation.
  • Sev is referred to as Corporal in Killzone 3. However, when Sev's rank is mentioned throughout the rest of the game it is always Sergeant; this may be because once they were stranded on Helghan, Narville had to reconsider the demotion due to the lack of high-ranking officers and that brought about the vital need to maintain a chain of command. It may, however, also be because "Sergeant" is a shortened name for Sergeant First Class, as evidenced by Sev generally being referred to as "Sergeant" throughout Killzone 2.
  • Sev has a younger sister named Amy living on Vekta, appearing in the novel, Killzone: Ascendancy.
  • On January 28, 2010, the multiplayer "PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack" was released for Uncharted 2, containing respective heroes and villains from several PS3 game titles, such as Sev and the Helghan Assault Infantry