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The view from inside the VC25 AA Cannon

The VC25 AA Cannon is the Helghast AA (Anti-Air) quad cannon and is manufactured by Visari Corporation. It is equipped with four medium-sized cannons firing heavy 25x137mm caliber explosive or armor-piercing rounds. It is an updated version of the trusted EAW-25/4 Chimera and features improved pitch and elevation speeds to easily track fast-moving targets, and a higher rate of fire with the same reliable cooling system. Like the EAW-25/4 it is a Helghast gun system that uses four 25mm barrels.

It isn't as advanced or powerful as the ISA M10 Quad Cannon, but does its job very well, as it keeps the skies clear. Sev uses one on Helghast ground forces during the Salamun Bridge mission of the Killzone 2 campaign.

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The VC25 bears some resemblance to the German WW2 2cm Flakvierling 38 quad cannons,

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